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    I've played Horde for long and was thought by my father that allies were noobs who don't know how to PvP.

    (ah yea i have a level 20 allie to RP with and to use Cheaper AH)
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    It's a theme park ride yo, just do the content they tell you to do and keep your hands and legs inside the cart and your mouth shut.

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    I always play both sides Why? Because where is the fun in only seeing one side when you can see it all And I have no attachment to any of the characters whatsoever, so it just depends on the mood I am in, no different to me than choosing what type of coffee I want that particular morning, or what I am going to wear that day, because there is no way I will drink the same kind of coffee every day, or wear the same clothes day in and day out.

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    I primarily play Horde but I do have several Alliance toons on a seperate server as well. My "main" for both factions is still a paladin, though.

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    All my max level characters are Alliance because the guild I've been with for over a year is Alliance. Though I have run a few monks ~40. (Including a Tauren Monk named "Mukao.")

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    Only when you level a character of both factions to max level do you realize that Blizzard clearly favors Horde. I have 10 level 90 Alliance characters, and 1 max level Horde. I play primarily Alliance, but hope to start over on Horde dominant server once BoA's become cross realm (if ever).

    I refuse to pay for Blizzard services.

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    Yup, I have two level 90s on Horde and 3 on Alliance. Just to play with different friends.

    Don't see a point in staying on one faction.

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    I have 12 horde and 1 alliance. My alliance is only to see there side of the story. Besides that i never play it or gear it past quest gear.
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    All my 90's are Alliance except one that is Horde to play some with friends on that server.

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    After spending the summer leveling 100 pets to 25 and completing the legendary cloak this life long hordie decided to try the ally side to keep my interest up. Currently 67 on my dwarf. Full looms and everything goes by so fast tough sometimes to even notice that the faction is different.

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    I was originally planning on being Alliance but my friends were all Horde

    So I wound up with mostly Horde toons. I have 8 Horde 90s and 3 Ally 90s, and a bunch of lower level characters. One day I will have 11 of each :P
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