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    Cobrak 17 | Destruction Warlock PvP

    I just finished watching Cobrak's latest montage, titled 17, and I was so incredibly blown away by how entertaining that was I simply had to make a thread here to share it around.

    In public opinion he may not be one of the world's most skillful players, but he sure as all hell knows how to make an incredibly entertaining PvP video, with this one being probably the greatest game montage I've ever seen.

    The editing, music choice and syncing were perfect, the underlying storyline was a nice touch as well that made it really stand out from your normal PvP movie.


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    Advertising is not allowed so I'm going to close this thread.
    For the warlocks interested into PvP, Cobrak's channel can be found in the Youtube sticky in the PvP section.

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