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    Quote Originally Posted by ItachiZaku View Post
    Right. I was "bad" dps on my fury warrior and I looked up the stat prio, rotation prio etc and was like ... huh... i've been fucking this up pretty well. Used the first 2 LFRs to "practice" and by the 3rd, i had tripled my DPS. (yeah, 26K up to almost 80 is still shit to some of you, but I'm only ilevel 474 on it so piss off, mate). How long did it take me to "learn" all of this? Well... 10 minutes at work.
    that doesn't sound like a baddie though, its the mark of a good player to queue up for an lfr or sit on the dummies and try to work out how to imrpove their personal performance. Man i remember some REAL baddies who would perform so poorly you would swear they are afk if they weren't moving around.

    Auto attack is the best dps amirite?
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    There you go, OP. Decided to touch worms' nest?

    Casuals are more than ever treated as second sort people in WoW now. This thread is one of many examples to that. "Don't bite the hand that's feeding you" principle starts showing itself as casuals keep quitting, and if there are some new kind of people coming in, it's usually such people, with whom you'd never ever want to group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphadruid View Post
    Because casual players are destroying World of Warcraft by demanding bullshit like LFR and LFG.

    Simple as that.
    And exactly how does LFR affect more serious players?

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