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    Dealing with Nether Wyrms on 25 man heroic Meg.

    What's the most common way to deal with them if you don't have a DK for grips?

    I've heard demo warlocks with the glyph work well.

    We have no boomkins/DK and our DPS is kind of low overall and the wyrms are really disruptive.

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    Brewmaster monk with breath of fire glyphed works nicely, as does Ursols Vortex from any druid to group them up.

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    Use a Brewmaster Monk to gather them up. Use Breath of Fire with the glyph.

    Get Warlocks spec'd into Shadowfury and drop it on them when free.

    Get Mages spec'd into Ring of Frost and drop that on them when free.

    If you're desperate, get Shamen to drop Capacitor Totem on them; this is really not recommended save as a last resort since the heads like to target them.

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    Thanks, the channeled stun is random and not on the person tanking right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woobels View Post
    Thanks, the channeled stun is random and not on the person tanking right?
    Yeah, it's random. To be honest we just aoe them and they don't even get a cast off.
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    we have like 3 monks in our group and they just line up their rings of peace on the brewmaster tank also have an boomkin using his silence and our WL's AND our firemages i sometimes FoK them with the stun poison if its needed
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    Do you have warriors? Monks? Druids? Locks? Mages? The only one to worry about is the double spawn. Your melee and some range can do a hard switch and they poof very fast. I recommend having a add tank that just gathers the add so they can be cleaved off boss. Warriors should spec disrupting shout. Make sure you don't over lap interrupts. Monks have ring of peace, dk mass grip, Druid beam silence. Locks aoe stun. Mages aoe freeze. I believe another class can aoe silence with symbiosis
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    Make sure ya boomys arent spamming Starfall also. As it auto breaks the CC you put down. Which is bad

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    We use a DK DPS that switches to Blood Pres to "tank the adds". Boomy + symbiosed shaman Solar Beam. Monk's rotate Ring of Peace centered on the add "tank".

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    We use a Brewmaster monk, but we abuse Vengeance a little to assist in nuking the Wyrms. We have our "add" tank take the head we are killing, up to the first breath. This times up with the first spawn on Wyrms on any set. Our main tanks then taunt off and take remaining breaths from the head we are killing. This gives our "add" tank a good bit of vengeance which he uses to just rape the Wyrms. We rotate Leg Sweeps, Solar Beams, Disrupting Shout for silences. Aoe Grip during Rampage, and Warriors rotate Bladestorms. Wyrms never make it longer than a couple seconds into any Rampage. The Vengeance is awesome. GL.

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