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    Quote Originally Posted by Megamisama View Post
    Why would it matter if you're just saying "I don't feel like raiding today" or "I can't, I really can't <enter valid reason here>"

    Your lack of attendance hits the guild as hard regardless of reason.
    then you don't know what real life is do you? it will just get worse. I have a steady job mon-fri and stuff still comes up. the GM is a jackass. grow up

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    Can we see your logs? I know I wouldn't kick a good raider if real life crept up for a couple weeks.

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    TLDR: Kicking you is perhaps a little far but its pretty much what happens if you aren't showing up to raids ect... Also as someone else pointed out, high school really is a breeze, seriously, one day you will look back and be like man I wish I could go back and bludge in high school again... I know I already do (im 26 now) University is much more full on workload that will require you to be doing hours of homework pretty much everyday in order to get good grades.

    Anyways, honestly man I wouldn't get so offended that your kicked from the guild if you really want to experience the game (in my opinion) being in such an elitist guild is the wrong way to go about it, the most fun I ever had on WoW was being in a more relaxed guild where everyone was very social and got along well, you looked forward to logging in to catch up with friends instead of just logging in for some ipoints. These kinds of guilds can still progress very well, my guild did most current content (including hardmodes) for 3 xpacs while being a casual guild.

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    Sounds like a douche, but its their loss, focusing on your education is infinitely more important than WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h4n4 View Post
    maybe not helpfull but better now then later: DUDE LIFE SUCKS DEAL WITH IT. It will not get better trust me.

    btw if you dont fit into that guild/the guild doesnt want you anmore you should switch to a new one anyways
    You must be, what, 17? What kind of an attitude is that? It's not only unhelpful to the OP, but categorically wrong.

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    Fuck Exams, join Paragon and raid 20+ hours a day

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Glitch View Post
    Honestly the guy did you a favour, your exams and school are way more important than a guild in WoW. Take your time off, work hard for your exams, and when you come back, find a nice guild that understand about real life priorities.

    Goodluck with your exams
    do as he/she says and don't look back - for now.

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    Douche Bag GM.
    You not getting priorities straight.

    Finish your exams, then worry about wow. It will still be here as will lots and lots of guilds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azwesjr View Post
    yeah, I think we are only hearing 1 side to this story, I have a 16, 18 and 21 year old, they were all A/B students in school and had hardly any homework at all.

    My 21 year old son was GM for a raiding guild at 16, he was the biggest prick (if you messed up he called you on it - no sugar coating) on the server but when someone wanted a raid leader they were asking for him....

    I can't understand how someone would need 2 weeks to study for an exam.
    1. He has only been in that guild for 3 months, which in WoW time isn't much so theres no connection to the guild yet.

    2. GM made a call that seemed to be the best intrest of the guild. He could be wrong about it, but he could also have been right. Unless you raided with OP don't judge him. (in general, not directed at you)

    3. If his dad told him to study for exams and not play WoW he most likely had a reason for it, like bad grades in the past. There are really smart people who have a hard time studying stuff just as there are retards out there who can parrot any text book in a 1 time read for a few days.

    4. I understand OP being pissed about it as I have been in his exact position multiple times. Not getting to do what you want is annoying, even if you know your parents are making the right call. (atleast I knew my parents were wrong)

    5. If you had given a few weeks notice like most raiding teenagers do (I did it as well) that during exams you either could not raid or would have a hard time doing so than the GM would maybe have just put you back on trial or do nothing at all. You basicly showed your GM that you can not be counted on when something unexpected happens.

    Protip: The second you pass your trials and you find a fitting moment (casual talk) tell a GM, Officers or raidleader that during exams your raiding schedule might be chaotic. But also tell them you will keep them up to date few weeks in advance every time so he can plan ahead for backups.

    Consider it practice for when you get a job...your boss will want to know when you will be available for work as well.

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    Thats why you don't allow minors to join your guild. If you can't decide upon your own sparetime raiding is a bad choise.

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    Study and don't worry about WoW. Best not exchange your real world responsibilities for in-game fun.

    Still, it's a tad silly for your old GM to preach to you about time management. Unless he has gone through the same process, those of us who live in countries with education systems that have rigorous secondary/high school standards know year-end or end-of-term finals are basically crunch times. You shouldn't - and I hope you don't - feel bad about that.

    Bottom line, WoW will be here after your exams. Go study and do well.

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    y your dad is right trust me.. who cares about some douche gm/rl find another guild that suits your time constraint..and real life always comes first no matter what..

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    I need to have much better time management
    I think that's the telling line. Generally, it's tougher for young players to keep a raiding schedule as well as older players and this can be completely out of their own hands.

    We don't have the full story here, so it's hard to pass judgement. That said, there are a couple of things to note about your (ex) GM, based on the information you've given us.

    An immediate guild kick is poor management. If it's true that your time management has been poor, then he should have already spoke to you about this. If he had already spoke to you about it, he should have demoted you to a social, instead of kicking you from the guild straight away.

    If all of this is purely because you can't Raid for the two weeks you were telling him about (two weeks when you're just farming content) then he's a terrible GM. You mentioned you're on a low pop server, so chances are recruitment is tough. If he's kicked you (a raider who turns up and does his job well from what you've told us) purely because you can't make 2 weeks of Raiding, then he better have a good replacement coming in for you.

    Edit: Also, for all of the responses telling OP about how his Dad's right: he gets it. He's not here complaining about his dad or that he's having to miss out on 2 weeks of raiding to focus on exams, he's complaining about his GMs terrible behaviour towards that.

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    Education seem far more important in other parts of the world. In the US, it's almost impossible to not get a high school diploma if you put in even one ounce of effort, and there are many colleges that will take you just for having a diploma.

    No idea what it's like in Australia, but if getting a high paying job just for the money is something you don't want to do, then why put so much effort in school? If it is something you want to do, then yes, studying would be more important in this scenario. There is no point in having a "successful" career if you don't even want to be there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SausageRawr View Post
    The reason was not being able to make the raids, that's IT. I'm always either 2nd or close to first on the dps charts, I'm very aware in-raid, and I do balance it with school pretty fine, but I guess he doesn't see it that way.
    From the perspective of a guild leader, someone who has unreliable attendance is a pretty big pain in the ass, especially if you're on a low populated server and it's hard to pug. If you haven't been able to make raids for a while, and/or have been having to cancel raids, that's a problem, and absolutely reason to be benched into a substitute spot. I don't think I would have kicked you, barring and performance or personality issues I'm unaware of, but you would have been removed from the core roster at least temporarily.

    If you were only part of the guild for a few months, and for several weeks of that have had attendance issues, there's no reason for the guild to feel like they should be giving progression kills or gear to a raider who is unreliable.

    Being unreliable because of school or work does not mean you are bad or that you are in any way wrong to prioritize those things. If you want to do both, you may need to work on managing your time and your schedule better. If you legitimately don't have time, or aren't able to set aside the time to make scheduled raid nights, try casually running Flex in 5.4.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Megamisama View Post
    Doesn't matter what you have going on irl. If you can't keep up with the demands, you have to be replaced. Regardless of reason.
    I agree. But getting kicked seems to be a bit much. Still, in then end, the GM did OP a favor.
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    Would you prefer a better life or think about the douchebag of a GM I'm sure you know of the choice OP in fact he did you a favor find a suitable guild with your own times.

    Education > all

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    OP are you in like Phillips Exeter or another top notched private school? I don't know any public high school that requires 2 weeks of studying to do decent on final exams. Heck I'm in college and I raided the week before my finals and still got As and Bs.

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    If you're having trouble with exams now (Which I guess you do, why else would your dad "suspend" you from wow for 2 weeks), please just study and forget about wow. When I was around your age, well, a bit younger even (think 14), I focussed totally on WoW and the killraces in vanilla + TBC, raiding 7 days a week, including 14:00-->00:00 on weekends, failed a year in school which I had to redo etc.

    Until this day, I still have problems when it comes to learning and general schoolwork, I really missed the basics and the foundation of a lot of things with my "[Raid/Farm/Herb all week--->no time to learn so; learn the night before exam/test-->do test-->get A+--->forget it all 2 hours later and gogo raid/farm/herb]"-way back then. Medical school for me is still hell at times now, I never really learned how to "remember" what I studied in the past from back then. Especially the first year I really lacked a lot of knowledge my fellow students did have.

    So especially at your age, avoid getting any trouble later on and just focus on your education or you might regret it. (Maybe you can handle it of course, I wouldn't say I failed but I did have so much unneeded shit to deal with because of vanilla raiding, such a waste)

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    Your GL is a douche who puts a video game ahead of real life. You're better off without him. Best of luck to you on your exams, and I hope you find another guild that doesn't put server pixels ahead of things which will have an actual impact on your life.

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