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    Your favorite Mind Control/Dominate Mind memory?

    Hey guys! :P

    So, we've all been the annoying priest at one point. Whether you MC'ed an enemy player just to annoy them, MC'ed a mob your group was just about to kill, tricked a new player into being MC'ed off a cliff... what is your favorite memory of your use of Mind Control? Its always struck me as a more fun then actual useful ability, but I have many fond memories of messing around with friends and punishing those who would try to sneak up on the low-level priest.

    However, my FAVORITE memory is from a long time ago, back when STV was an infamous ganking area. I was being pursued by a pair of Alliance (consisting of a Human Warrior and a Night Elf Druid) so I attempted to hide behind a tree. They couldn't see me, but I could see them. And then, somehow, the human warrior stopped, jumped, attacked the Night Elf, and jumped into the river below. The Druid was obviously confused, as he stood there just wacthing his friend being eaten by crocodiles! And a few moments later, I "persuaded" him to leap into the river as well. They had been teaming up on me for about half an hour, so it was SO satisfying to watch the druid desperately attempting to heal himself and the warrior! Mind Control has been one of my favorite spells ever since.

    Do you have a fond memory of this awesome spell? I'd love to hear about it!

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    in classic ganking days, we (H) used to take over the alliance boats, many unsuspecting players found themselves swimming very far out in the water

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    I was always fond of MCing alliance and then jumping off the cliff next to the lift between Southern Barrens and Thousand Needles. Not as much fun now that there is water down there.

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    Not as awesome as some, but while doing EOTS, I MCd an Alliance mage off the edge, only for him to pop Slowfall. I dispelled his Slowfall and he plummeted to his death.

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    Honestly my favorite memory of mc was back in Vanilla PvP. It was just after the turtle poly came out and we were in a wsg. The horde team we were against was way better geared than us so we decided it would be better to let them win and hope to get a different group in the next queue so we were all hanging out /dancing with them and stuff. Our priest in the group (this was back when I was a warrior) MC'd one of their mages so she could ask her to turtle me. And the mage did. Was pretty win and it was the first time I got to see that spell in use. Made me rather happy.

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    I have very fond memories of my priest in Vanilla.

    MC'ing people off the chains into the lava in Blackrock Mountain was always a hoot. MC'ing people off zeppelins / boats, or into the hole in that area adjacent to Blackrock mountain (you know, the hole that leads to a huge underground cavern, near Thorium point).

    Shadow priest was my most favorite toon to play in Vanilla, closely followed by a mace combat rogue.

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    Questing in icecrown i mc'd a warrior into a group of elites by the ramparts. They ate him while i laughed.

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    Being able to mind control back in vanilla and then drown someone in a puddle of water.
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    In 2s, my friend mc'd a priest and threw him into his partner's freezing trap, landing us the kill on the hunter.

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    On Beta I took control of the big Giant in Howling Fjord.....Dominate Mind lasted all of 3 seconds & then I got flattened...but still.

    Also, who DOESN'T like MC'ing people off the bridges in EOTS? fave trick of mine was MC'ing Ally Priests into Stormpikes room in AV....made a bit of a mess....
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    At the Naxx summoning stone (WOTLK, ofc). Dueled an Orc warrior. Shield->Fear->MC->....make him jump out the door to his death .

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    Back in vanilla, some ally figured he could ride through and explore Orgrimmar. A priest caught him with MC as he was riding past, however. A group of us then kept him constantly mind-controlled, buffed and healed (all the non-priests thought it would be more fun to kill him, but we healed and shielded him while he was MCed). Our fun finally ended when he fell through the world and died /sadface
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    Oh hohoho---i remember when i mced...wait wait for it......

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    In Booty Bay, I was waiting on the boat headed back to ratchet on my horde priest. A lower level alliance boarded the boat and happened to be flagged.
    When the boat departed, and was far enough from Booty bay for me to know the guards wouldn't attack me, I mind controlled him and threw him off the boat before the loading screen back to Kalimdor came up.
    Can't say I would've been a happy camper if that happened in reverse.

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    Early TBC when people were still levelling. Location, hellfire citadel. There are three dungeons there: ramparts, blood furnace and shattered halls. The latter you needed a key to enter.

    Now, the thing was, not everyone had the key. You had to do the instance many many times to get this key. So a lot of players were mooching off other players with the key.

    What do you think happened when player 1 opened the door, player 2, 3 and 4 entered, and player 5 mysteriously decided that instead of entering the door, he would instead jump down from the citadel wall and make a small crater below? Or if he survived, at least end up being shredded by the elite mobs below.

    End result: One dead and four annoyed alliance players who had to stand around doing absolutely nothing waiting for the unlucky bastard to run back up - and/or corpse ress.

    It was awesome. Best part; you could MC from safe distance at the higher platform to blood furnace. Any of the four annoyed alliance players decided to poke at you? Well, they had to run a large detour - and before they could get close, they would be the new MC victim.

    Sadly, the fun sort of died when everyone got enough money for flying mounts. But it's definitively the most effective use I had from the spell.
    I love being on a PVP server sometimes :P
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    It was always a hoot in MC days to toss people into the lava. It *never* got old. Since that was always a (ahem) hot PVP area, there was always something going on and someone who needed a bath.

    However, my best MC was when I was dueling a resto druid outside the entrance to Black Temple. Don't ask why I, a healing priest, was dueling a resto druid; it was a terrible idea, as we both quickly learned. We couldn't kill each other. Not even close! Our regen easily outclassed our firepower and she could pop into feral forms to avoid Mana Burn. About ten minutes into the duel, I got a Psychic Scream on her that pushed her pretty far away from the entrance while SW:Pain ticked. When she shifted out to heal, I landed Mind Control. And guess who patrols the area outside the Black Temple entrance?


    A little bit of running and one Fade later, and I had won my duel. The resto druid was... upset.

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    I don't think I have any special memories of MC actually. That said, I try to MC at least one person to their death every day I can wreck people all day in BGs, but no kills are more giggle-worthy than throwing someone off a cliff. Especcially ele shamans and boomkins (formerly fire mages, now hunters) because they have knockback.
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    MC'ing people OUT of WSG was always hilarious.

    Take a healer and zone them out when facing a rival guild on your server (man, the times before battlegroups... how lame), always made me chuckle.

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    Mind controling Gamon to use his "kick" ability while at AH, but blizzard removed it :<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Descense View Post
    Oh hohoho---i remember when i mced...wait wait for it......
    Good times!

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