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    Very specific gearing question Resto 10man raider going into 5.4

    Hey guys! everyone here is so much smarter then me I'd like to ask you guys a question!

    Here is my armory:


    my apologies if I log out in my dps gear, it shouldn't be to important though.

    Right now my team is kinda ending at 7/13 heroic, nothing major but alot better then we thought we would do. Anyways I've been stupidly unlucky when it comes to set drops but incredibly lucky when it comes to off set gear.

    With my normal mode tier, my ilvl is 538 but with my off set gear is 541. Would it make sense to use those higher lvl item pieces in place of my 2 or 4 set resto shaman bonuses? Rather right now or even going into 5.4 since we are getting buffs to our spread healing anyways....and I feel as though those set bonuses were mostly there to help 10 man spread healing.


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    The 2 set bonuses outweigh 3 ilvls imho. Could depend on the details though, like if you had high-stat peices (say chest & legs) that were both heroic or heroic-TF, then the gain in stats *might* be worth swapping the 4-pc for. 4-pc also depends a bit on your playstyle, I raid 25s so it has less value to me, but I assume in 10s it is a very nice boost to have. The 2-pc is very strong, especially for spreading the HST glyph buff.

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