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    Is there anyway for someone else to see if a character is in the process of transfer?

    I have a friend transferring over to raid, is assuring me that the transfer process has started but it's been 3 hours. The character is still able to be /friended on old realm and on armory.

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    Sometimes it takes sometime, or he hasn't started the transferred process yet.
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    Make sure he is completely logged out of the game, sometimes I find that logging out on the battle.net website helps too but that could be (and probably is) just a coincidence. It's probably nothing to stress about, sometimes these things take a while to happen if their servers are busy or whatever. If it goes for too long it's still processing probably call Blizzard about it.

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    Sometimes it takes a few minutes, sometimes it takes a few hours. Longest wait I had was 6 hours. And then the next time I did it was 30 minutes.

    Patience! :3

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