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    Thumbs up A long topic thread name that has to do with graphics that will never be implemeneted

    Hey y'all, I wanted to share a wish of mine that will never be realized in-game, BUT I CAN POST FORUM TOPICS ABOUT IT AND THAT'S AS CLOSE AS WE'LL EVER GET.

    Anywho, I doodled this a while back:

    And a lot of people seemed to like it. I drew it again for SnGs (shameless self-promotion incoming):

    And I thought, why can't this be a different form of Incarnation? Like a Glyph-type change (Akin to the Stag or Cheetah choice we have), we could choose for our Incarnation to be Sha-Corrupted; more powerful, more angry, more swipey-swipes.

    Although I admit it'd only make "sense" with druid tanks, since as bears, they use rage.

    Closing line mentioning some humbling fact about myself so I don't come across as a total egotistical buttmunch

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    Would look better without the four eyes, looks really cool though, really artistic.
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    Nice pictures, and I agree it'd be pretty cool although I don't play druid myself.

    Can imagine how pissed off Taran-zhu would be with his allies walking through the vale of eternal blossoms "corrupted" by sha though

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    Crennox: Originally I wasn't going to do 4 eyes, but when I closer closer at the Sha of Anger's model, he had 4 (or maybe 6, I can't remember), so I thought, what the hey.

    Wych: ... well, that would be awkward, lmao. Didn't even think of that. Add that to the list of "Reasons this will never happen".

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    What did you use to create it?

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    First one was Adobe Photoshop 7, the second was Adobe Elements 11 (I lack monies kinda hard).

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