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    I'm glad it's taking a long time for character models too. Gives new MMOs (games that don't have Greg Street in charge) a VERY easy chance to surpass them. Keep up the retarded milking schedule Blizzard, see how far that gets you with a new MMO already released and 3 more on the way before the year is over. Keep being retarded. Please.
    I guess that includes WoW since Greg Street isn't in charge.

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    I can't see the pictures, can you show them again in form of links at least?

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    I know this post is a little old, but I saw it linked in the 60+ page long "Character model rework 25% complete" thread and had to comment since I didn't see anyone else saying this. OP, you do know what those really were, right? Those weren't player remodels. They weren't even new textures.

    They were Blizzard testing, on the Wrath beta, to see how easy it would be to patch new textures onto the client. You know what textures they tested? Alpha textures. So yes, of course they looked terrible. They were never intended to go Live, they weren't even new. Instead of wasting artist time to make new textures to see if they could patch them in to the client, they just grabbed the old Alpha textures to see if it worked. And it did.

    That's all it was. So, your post about how you're "glad they are taking their time" because you don't want to end up with that is moot. There was never any danger of us looking like that to begin with.

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    This is far beyond "taking there time" at the rate they are going is going to take TEN YEARS for them to be done.
    They will amp it up sooner or later. It takes a ridiculous amount of work to do and its obviously been on the back burners as the more important stuff is actually releasing new content faster and yes, as well as a new expansion creeping up on us. I'm not surprised one bit honestly.

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