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    So who is the Keepers of Time traitor? Prelude to next expansion?

    So this post... http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/...itten-Sale-Art

    says there is a traitor within the Keepers of Time. The forum post that this news post links to mostly just discusses the Stormwind Harbor cutscene but no one there is talking about the traitor.

    Anyone have any theories? The only way I could see Blizzard leaving this open is it is a prelude to what's coming in the next expansion... I can't for the life of me though think of someone in the Keepers of Time who would be connected to any of the popular theories for upcoming xpacs... i.e. Azshara, Emerald Dream, etc.

    I am reminded though of something from way back in Northrend and then Cataclysm. When players were sent to the Bronze Dragonshrine in Dragonblight, we saw Nozdormu show up and it is eventually revealed he is the leader of the Infinite dragonflight. We then know that Nozdormu eventually becomes Murozond who the players put down in the End Time instance. After Murozond is killed, Nozdormu says he is still going to become the evil version of himself at some point in the future. http://www.wowwiki.com/Infinite_dragonflight

    Could the traitor reference simply be about Nozdormu again? Maybe he is once again trying to alter history somehow to avoid his fate?

    Of course, I'm somehow holding out hope that it's Chromie. Would be funny as she has the longest established history of interacting with players. I never trusted her anyway! haha.

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    Well we know Nozdormu's consort dies (Scene 6: Soridormi dies -- datamined quest chain). Perhaps it is her and we kill her? Or perhaps we get to the Caverns of Time and see Nozdormu begin his transition to Murozond (Since he cannot anymore do so because of the Hour of twilight succeeding) because of X reason (Perhaps he's butthurt over losing his power? Doing your one job for 10+ thousand years and then not being able to do so so suddenly can be extremely jarring), and he ends up killing his own consort?

    Basically I just want Nozdormu to begin becoming Murozond. Not out of a want to kill him, but because I always found the Infinite Dragonflight fascinating. Plus I never believed they were SOLELY Bronze Dragons that have gone "bad," something else is up with them. Old God influence? Maybe, I donno. (Side note, just doublechecking my info I found that WoWpedia is reporting that in the novel "Twilight of the Aspects," it is stated that the Infinites are working with the Old Gods to bring about the Hour of Twilight. Having read it at least twice, I don't remember this. But whatevs. If they are, it sets up a connection to a possible N'Zoth expansion coming up.)

    Or Blizzard could just be clichéd and make it Kairoz himself from the future being the bad guy.
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