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    What's the closest to wipe kill you've ever seen?

    Not sure if this belongs in dungeonds and raids or here, but oh well.

    So what's the closest kill of a boss where the group were super close to wiping you have ever seen? please provide link to video if you got

    For me it's method lei shen world first:

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    Prince Malchazar in Karazhan. We got him down to 1% with only a three of us up, including one healadin. Everyone died except the pally healer, who rotated auto-attack and heals through the final 1% and Prince died. It was epic.

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    During DS Warlord Zon'ozz progression we had a 17k health wipe then killed it with 1 person alive the next attempt.

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    Tier 11 progression on Chim. Playing troll assassination rogue.
    Last phase aka the everyone gets murdered phase.
    I get aggro first when both tanks die. Vanish. Other dps die. Healers die (lowest dps). I rogue tank the last 500k of chims hp.

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    Our first night on Halfus Tier 11. We all died. About a quarter second after the last of us died but before the encounter could end and despawn, a Rip tick killed him.

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    realm first madness 25 heroic, no-one left alive cannot get any closer than this.

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    Our first kill of Garalon HC. I survived the berserk slam (using Dark Bargain) and killed the boss as he killed me.

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    The very first time we got togc10 with no wipes.

    We were on anub, everybody was dead except our paladin tank and the boss only had 1% life left. I ankhed, our tank died, and then anub died. That was pretty satisfying for me lol

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    Not so long ago i was healing lfr mogu vault second part on the first boss.

    Everyone die and i finished the boss off after 20 sec run, kitty blink and moonfire on tha mother fucker and finished him off with a wrath crit. Surived with only 2k health.

    Everyone was sure was a wipe, felt kinda good. also last time i did tha lfr had drop to get high enough item level to jump in the next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voltarius View Post
    Our first kill of Garalon HC. I survived the berserk slam (using Dark Bargain) and killed the boss as he killed me.

    Ive done that too, and then the wall bugged and we had to reset the instance after looting
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    Our first Elegon HC kill was with 1 rogue alive (me)...whole raid died, except me - popped all cooldowns and survived for like 10 seconds and finished it off... Felt so accomplishing

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    I wasn't actually there but back in vanilla Naxx my friend survived long enough via troll regen to have a successful Noth the Plaguebringer kill when it was still hard for ppl... I have always used that example as to why Troll regen wasn't useless =P

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    Back in Cata our Rogue was the last one alive and had 3 HP left on Chimaeron(the one that would drop people to 1 HP), his evasion and cloak of shadows ran out, by the grace of god he dodged two attacks and parried one and was able to kill him

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    when we killed Heroic Madness for the first time, Only our mage was alive and in an iceblock, just as Deathwing died, our mage came out of Iceblock and died as well, but we got credit.
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    Boss at like 10-15%, tank, healer and a couple DPS the only ones still up up. Somehow they pull it off with the Tank and Healer the only ones still alive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SadisticChipmunk View Post
    when we killed Heroic Madness for the first time, Only our mage was alive and in an iceblock, just as Deathwing died, our mage came out of Iceblock and died as well, but we got credit.
    same kill? same guild? i linked the video post #6 in this thread!

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    On our first heroic Dark Animus kill last week, our massive tank (2 tank strat) died when the boss had about 10-20% left and I had to tank the boss + the two massives without any personals available (thank fuck for pain sup) until the boss died, the thing is that I died about a second before the boss died, my heart almost sank, if the boss wasn't due to die that second he would've had ample time to join the massives on a pain train through our few remaining players.

    EDIT: Special mention to a particular instance of Lei Shen normal farm: being a long-term normal farm boss we tend to be lazy, and we ended up in phase 3 with 1 DPS, 1 healer, and both tanks. Took bloody forever and my co-tank died at about 5% too, though still killed it etc.
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    saw a video on youtube of a rag kill where the shaman self rezzed at the last second, got thrown up in the air and blasted him for the kill. can't find the video right now though, sorry

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    The most famous close boss kill EVER on Draenor EU was the best guild to grace that realm - Chimaera - and their realm first LK Heroic kill 25man. 2 guys alive!!!

    U wanna watch it from about 7mins in

    This might not class as the closest but maybe its the most famous because its for a realm first???... just sayin
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