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    I've had a few kills in my WoW career where the boss almost simultaneously with the last surviving raid member.

    I guess that's still technically a wipe, but it's also a win.
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    Our first lich king kill was our healer shaman and his Earth Elemental.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkStarUndead View Post
    saw a video on youtube of a rag kill where the shaman self rezzed at the last second, got thrown up in the air and blasted him for the kill. can't find the video right now though, sorry

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    25H Ultraxion... We got our first kill not just during the enrage cast, but just as the cast bar was full. For a split second we thought it had gone off, but then... we were still alive! Pandemonium ensued.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jk5834 View Post

    "Here comes the pain, bitch!"
    oh that vanilla imbalance where rag actually takes +50% damage from frost spells and is immune to fire never will another boss like that exist or watch a world first with 17-18 of the same spec dps destroy it.

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    First Lich King kill. Mage last person alive ice blocked and dots killed him

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    I don't have a video, but I do have a screenshot. It's of my old guild's first Maloriak kill.

    The whole raid was dead. Yep. All of us. DoTs managed to kill the boss before he despawned. We took the screenshot just like that because that was too wicked to ignore.

    Sadly, I can't find a link to the screenshot (our GM must have just uploaded it). But trust me, I was there and it was hilarious.
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    55k heroic hagara 10m

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    We had a 327k wipe on Primordius HC when the big add got too close to the boss and instawiped us just as we thought we had our first kill on it.

    That's a 0.1% wipe.

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    Soo many close calls on Ascendant Council hard mode. No less than a couple dozen 1-3% wipes, and one of them was at 117k HP left.
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    Doesn't get any closer to this. I mean that. It is literally impossible to be closer to wiping than this. NOBODY was alive at the end. The entire raid was dead... and so was Animus.

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    Blood Legions H Elegon kill. Go watch it. Purgatory won that fight.
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    XT-002 Deconstructor back in Ulduar. Our last living player, a pally healer, popped bubble and finished off the boss with his half damage exorcism.
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    Now that someone's reminded me of Lich King... my guilds first Lich King 25H kill was killed as he was running around enraged and murdering people, only had a few left when he popped Fury.

    Linked at the moment he enraged:

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    My guild has had 2 memorable post-enrage kills that got fraps'd:



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    Probably first lady vashj kill just after when ssc was released. man that was hard fight, had 3 of us left and vashj at ~1-2%. those nerdscreams after she died
    or other one would be gruul kill, back in tbc too. was last one alive and basically FD -> let my pet tank for the 1 hit while i blasted him to hell.

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    That eredar prince in Karazhan. Whole raid cept me was dead at the end... execute for the win xD

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    A sub 30k wipe on Illdan.

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    Reliquary of souls. I was the last one alive. Boss killed me. On killing blow, Holy Shield reflected damage, killing RoS. Doors unlocked, boss despawned. Game Master had to hand out the gear. Does that count as a wipe or really close to a wipe?
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