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    cool, music was really annoying though

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    Quote Originally Posted by dd614 View Post
    So some random mercenary goblins give orders to Kor'kron elite troopers? Weird.

    This whole thing reminds me of Dragon Soul with random bosses. I'd have personally liked a lore-rich boss so close to Garrosh.
    Please, tell me a raid that has all the bosses known about in lore outside of the raid.

    No, the CoT Hyja raid doesn't count because it's a copy/paste of WC3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shampro View Post
    I amsume theres going to be one after Sha of Pride aswell, since thats when we go to Orgrimmar.
    Yeah, could be, but we won't see that until SoO goes live or someone manages to kill Sha of Pride 25H during the next test :P (and ofc there is the End Cinematic for Alliance and Horde after Garrosh death)
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    Oh poor Grizzle... Gotta love goblins! Neat with these cutscenes in 5.4! =D

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    Are there any other cutscenes out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TyrianFC View Post
    Sorry but this is totally lame. It has no place in a quality raid zone. It looks like a cheap scenario or heroic cut scene.
    I like how no matter what, someone on these forums will find a way to complain about literally everything.

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