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    Quick question about Valor Points in 5.4

    I know that there is no new valor gear, but I recall Blizzard saying a few weeks ago "we don't plan to remove item upgrade in 5.4", now, unless i'm missing something, IF they did that then valor points would be useless for anyone afterwards.

    I'm just asking because then, their is really no point in saving valor points until 5.4, UNLESS you are planning on going 14/14 in the first week, thus you'll have a surplus of gear to upgrade, no?

    Thanks in advance for the rplies, I just want to know if i'm missing something blatantly obvious or not.

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    The Shado-Pan Assault vendor will still sell VP items at a reduced cost and reduced faction requirements.

    But other than the Shado-Pan and the upgrade vendor, there's really nothing else that uses VP in 5.4.

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    If you are a normal mode raider, and don't plan to do heroics any time soon, you could always upgrade normal gear. Even if you are a heroic mode raider, 2/2 normal mode gear from SoO will triumph heroic 2/2 gear as the ilvl is 553 (0/2) in normal mode SoO.

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    I say spend it.

    Anyway, if you do plan to go 14/14 on Week 1 with all manner of loot funnelled to you, then you'll only need to go into the patch with 2k Valor. No sense in wasting a week of point gains.

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