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    Are the CTA bags still in the game?

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    You're not the first person that has 2-3 lucky drops and comes here asking for info.
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    Clusters are to be expected with RNG. Failure to see clusters is actually indicative of a non-RNG system.
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    RNG is RNG is RNG.
    I farmed Baron Geddon for his Bindings, for 6 years.
    I got Attuman's and Onyxia's mount in the same evening.
    RNG is RNG is RNG is RNG.
    I Fished for one of my last pagle fishes, got the Sea Turtle. (Roughly 10k catches for it overall) After i was done i logged on my shaman who was at kara no mount, logged the warrior also parked outside kara got the mount. (Roughly 400 kills.) Went on my druid and did Onyxia because of the sheer luck i had Onyxia mount dropped. Wasn't even surprised. (roughly 100 kills)

    3 Really rare mounts within 1h. Can't prove that the onyxia mount dropped the same day on armory but there should be a post in the mount stories thread with screenshot.

    Found the screenshot If you look at the time you can see it's 02.08 so maximum time that could have passed was 2h 8 minutes i i cought the sea turtle 00.00. Also had a quick run by Skadi sadly that mount didn't drop... for another month.

    Also noted i was pretty poor at that time lol
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    My guild actually got the Ji-Kun mount this reset

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