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    Rogue abilities

    Lets be real their is a lack of abilities rogues don't have to make them "FEEL" like a rogue.

    Heres some ideas I came up with and I hope you guys reply with your opinions and such.


    Fantastic Throw

    Replaces deadly throw, target now bleeds 15k per sec for 8 sec, 30 energy,30 sec CD, No combo points required.


    Cheat Death

    Reaching 10% health you will clear all dots and be brought into stealth. Every 2 minutes


    Trip wire

    Requires stealth, place a wire with in 10 yards of each other, if an enemy runs into it they are rooted for 5 seconds and get 25% increases damage taken for 5 seconds.


    Shadow Clones

    Bring out two clones of yourself they do no damage to target and only mimic your attacks for 30 seconds. Once duration ends they explode and deal 50k damage to any enemies near it.


    Revenge of the Fallen

    When you die you have a choice to be revived again to full health but you have 500% increase damage take, 100% increase damage done, 50% healing received, 100% movement speed for 20 seconds if you get a killing blow you will survive if you don't you die again.


    Poison Control

    Every time any one of your poisons gets dispelled a pool of poison spawns around the enemy and if enemy enters it the poison effectiveness will be increased by 15%.



    Silent Assassin

    When ever you kill a target the body disappears and you enter stealth instantly.

    Why you guys are reading this well long story short I posted this around 5.1 about a glyph of deadly throw where it now throws what main hand weapon you have equipped and now blizz is adding that in 5.4

    Leave opinions guys!
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    That Cheat Death ability is really OP.
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