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    The guy ain't whining about being unable to solo those things, but about BM spec becoming the most generic dps spec in the game out of being an amazing utility/solo/fun spec it was before.

    Well, we don't have pet talents anymore, pet training, loyality system or happiness. We don't have various pets to catch to improve them. We don't have freaking amazing pet intervene anymore. Our pets die in a few hits. And every fun, amazing or cool ability has been boiled down to being just a dot. Thats pretty much the resoult of WoW turning from RPG into an action co-op.

    I miss the cool stuff in WoW, and old BM was a cool stuff. New BM - the spec of "being the same as every other hunter spec, but having two more cooldowns and a signature move thats not tickling" - isn't the fun BM I remember.
    Nah the real cool Hunter stuff was pre-Greg Street, before he put his boot on the neck of the Hunter class and has never let them up since. When you could get ranged pets that would stay next to you and attack from range like the Wind Serpent with a lighting strike or a Cat whose fast attack speed was such that it made it difficult for casters to get casts off, or pets that could apply poisons, bleeds etc... That was when pets really mattered, when they were not just vanity pets, they actually accentuated your play style and it took weeks even months of camping to get a good one.

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    I've always found MM to be far superior to BM in terms of healing and pet survivability.
    If you want to solo those dinosaurs, place your pet yards away, pull with MD, and juggle the devilsaur with Distracting Shot. Be sure to have your pet Growl him at least once to get full aggro, but beware, because 3 consequent hits are granted to crush you.

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