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    Magaera 10M HC Hunter help

    Hi, My guild has been trying to progress in this fight and i have some conserns on my dps. I am doing around 125-150k dps which is very low for HC progression. I wonder if you guys could help me out with some talents and Spec for this particular encounter.

    Item level is 529, i played BM with Dire beast, glaive toss and AMoC, 8/8 buffs.

    Cant link yet..armoury is EU: Jokered-Silvermoon and G-Name is Alpha and omega for look at WOLgs.

    Ty in advance for all help.

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    Looking at attempt 6:


    33 kill commands in over 327 seconds ~= 1 kill command every 9.9 seconds

    Pet has dash on - turn it off, wasted focus.

    Only things that jump out immediately, don't have time to do much of an overview.

    Also, if you have the issue with your pet running all the way around the left side of the room and not being able to do anything, it's because of blink strikes - spec AMoC. Occasionally it isn't an issue, but usually it is. In general AMoC is the better choice here due to buggy pathing.
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    Wow tks alot, i had no idea dash costed focus ..what a waste of focus indeed and yes i will use AMoC since BLS's cost my pet do get 1-shotted.

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    It won't cost focus in 5.4 (Dash), in which case it could technically be a minor dps increase depending on movement required for a fight, so keep that in mind.
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    Completely disagree about using AMoC. Blink Strikes is fine, you just need to pull your pet off the head at ~2-3%. It only follows the head if it's still on the head when it dies, though even then it only occasionally happens. If you're controlling the wyrms until the head dies (e.g. with a Ring of Frost) this is the perfect reason to switch off the head. If your pet is getting one-shotted, it's either your tank's fault or your fault, not your pet's (for once!).

    That isn't to say AMoC is an awful choice, but Blink Strikes does more damage and is more reliable in terms of usefulness once you make that one small adjustment (if AMoC doesn't last the full duration on a head, it's even less of a good choice).

    It's too bad you guys don't have a DK, grips/Gorefiend's Grasp make hunter AoE on adds much more effective. Still, you can get a lot of damage in on the adds when they get stacked up. Maybe you guys have a different strategy, and if so, more power to you, but your damage isn't going to be 100% unless you're allowed to help AoE the adds (your Multi-Shot and Beast Cleave damage are very very low).

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    AMoC really isn't that substantial of a loss over BS - 1000-1500 DPS at best - with his it's probably a bit less even. If he screws up pulling his pet away even once, and it has to run clear around the room, it will be a net loss. And that's just once. For someone not 100% comfortable with the fight, doing progression, I wouldn't recommend it at all. His group will certainly have heads up for over 30 seconds, so not getting the full duration isn't an issue if he puts it up at the start of a phase, which he should.

    Whatever floats your boat though, both are perfectly viable options. Blink strikes will also improve cleave damage on adds, if they are a problem. We found them to be fairly minor of a concern.

    On a side note, I would've recommended you stuck with progressing on Tortos rather than Megaera.
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    Go with AmoC. Screw that your pet can be one shoted. Real problem is when he pet bug and you can do nothing. It stays somweher beyond range and do nothing. BM without pet is useless.

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    huh? my pet has never EVER been 1 shoted on this fight..

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    Putting the pet on passive and making it follow you usually fixes it attacking random stuff in the middle of water/air or wherever it's stuck.
    For those sort of situations I've keybound a macro that does /petpassive on line 1 and /petfollow on line 2.
    It doesn't fix the pet going random places, but it cuts down the downtime if it's already happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omnii View Post
    huh? my pet has never EVER been 1 shoted on this fight..
    Usually this happens when you send your pet in before your tank pulls (having pet on assist and hitting the boss before any other melee in range) or any other adds for that matter.
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    Thanks for the info about putting pet on passive or pulling it away at 2-3%! I'm at 542 ilvl and had to switch to SV because my pet kept glitching out and getting stuck....locked me out of KC for almost 20sec.
    But then again since I've switched and have ToTH I toss random multishots at the adds to apply Serp so they're all ready low when we burn them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiralphoenix View Post
    AMoC really isn't that substantial of a loss over BS - 1000-1500 DPS at best - with his it's probably a bit less even.
    It's probably more, actually. Depends on how fast you kill the head. You'll lose a lot of uptime, depending.
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    I tried Amoc on our farm kill (heads die insanely fast) and it would usually come off cd when the head was already at sub 50%.. so I had to Amoc the venemous head .. but that depends on your guild's ilvl and how fast you kill the heads.. i'd say stick with BS and just do some manual pet management to avoid him running across town..

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