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    Retri paladin or warlock/other caster

    I have tested thise two classes in ptr, while retri seems to have 70k+ stable/cd dps cant remember which, demonology warlock seems to be able to deal only 50k dps during burst in meta, against target dummy atleast. Warlock has better survivability but outside of cooldowns it does not do much damage and dies easily.

    Which should I begin to play in pvp next season? If there are better casters than warlock, give advice.

    Also, should i take death knight instead of retri paladin
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    Your choice would depend on your team I'd suspect. Caster wise, I think Mages have way more burst potential then a Lock right now.

    However, for your second question... from what I've been reading, DOT Cleaves are going to be powerful next patch. So UH DK would be good for that.
    I've heard that Ret is still going to be powerful, so Ret/Hunter/X is still good.
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    I tried frost death knight, and noticed that it has better burst, or it is easier to execute well atleast. I often times get good kill streaks in battlegrounds and usually i dont die. Death knight also has two grips which helps alot to close the gap, which paladin lacks even though long arm of the law and burden of guilt glyph help, but its not as good as dk in that regard.

    I think i will play death knight for melee

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