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    SM Fury question

    I normally run TG but as my guild wasnt able to down Heroic Sha for a very long time I started having to roll/extra roll on Noursion just to have a chance at any weapon, got the 1 handed sword off him the other night to match with a normal 1 handed sword so question...

    Just to confirm Blood Bath should be taken over Stormbolt, correct?

    Also Icyveins said to take Dragon Roar over Bladestorm, is that one true?

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    I am actually not sure the heroic one hands will out-perform even normal two-handers atm. You can sim you character and see which one brings out the most DPS or maybe one of the more experienced warriors can answer that question for you.

    You should take stormbolt over bloodbath when you have a version of Eye of Galakras. I heard any version will do but the higher the better (obviously).

    Icy Veins is probably not updated with the new findings of Bladestorm being better than Dragon Roar, even for TG. Dragon Roar is probably better with SMF indeed.

    I found a pretty appropriate quote from WarriorSarri from another thread regarding SMF and Bladestorm;

    Quote Originally Posted by Warriorsarri View Post
    What this means is that no matter what boss you'll want to pick Bladestorm, unless your SMF, and if you're SMF you want to get a 2hander instead and then go Bladestorm.
    Bang bang

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    Stormbolt is still ideal with WF weaps as SMF, though there isn't near the difference. Dragon roar should still be better than BS due to how AP abilities scale vs weap abilites for SMF (the passive buff built into SMF favors AP).

    Also, I believe 4 set is BiS for SMF.

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