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    Shaman or mage

    Hey guys, sry if i post this in bad thread, but I really need your help sady I was enjyoing DK till now, but sudenlly i came up with a feeling that I wants to play something else. I a currently decideing between Mage or Shaman and just decide. I am thinking about this like for two weeks. I wants to play some ranged spell dps with various builds or good off spec. I want something with strong lore, good soloing old content and nice transmo set. I dont realy care about FOTM, but I just cant decide which one and unfortunately cant play both of them together, dont have time for this. Pleaaaase help me.

    If I posted in bad thread, please move it.

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    If you liked DK I dont think any of them will suit you, they arent cooldown and rune generation based, almost all Ranged dps are proc based but still you should try it.
    You said you want a ranged spell dps with various builds of good off spec, what do you mean with that? off spec with a different role? shaman, mages can only dps.
    Shaman has a point, as theyre more versatile and you seem to want that

    Now transmogs, IMHO Mage has better transmogs than Shaman so I would give them a point.
    Strong lore? Mage has better developed lore than the Shaman, but the shaman's mysticism is something you might like, still the point goes to mage
    Soloing old content? Mage has a hard time soloing bosses as their survivability comes from control, they have no heals and control doesnt work with bosses, so shaman takes the point here as they can heal themselves, use shields and wear mail armor

    So fare it is 2/2, BUT Mages have those HORRIBLE 90 talents that drain the fun from the class so my advice? roll a shammy.

    Forgot to talk about rotation gameplay,
    Arcane feels really powerful but it can become boring-ish,
    Fire needs good gear or you'll be spamming fireball forever.
    Frost is IMHO the funnest and the best designed, but suffers from poor scaling.

    Elemental feels good, shooting lava balls that sounds like a cannonball and having good mobility is nice.
    Enhancement is IMHO very fun, so much stuff to manage and really makes you feel like an elemental warrior, it has procs, it has cooldown management, it has stack management its just good but many people say this spec is a bit clunky and lacks flow, i disagree.
    Restoration, 1000 times more fun than resto druid, the only other healing spec i have played.
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    Out of those two I would recommend Mage, especially if it's the ranged spell DPS that you're after. As a Shaman you will probably end up feeling subpar, with the whole "everything I can do, everyone else can do better" feeling. At least that's the way I felt when I played Shaman, from Vanilla all the way through Wrath. It wasn't until Cataclysm that I switched to Warlock and actually stuck with it, sick to death with not really being able to do anything, unless you're interested in Healing of course, which you probably aren't if you're considering Mage.

    So I would go with Mage, or Warlock.

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    Closing this since we don't allow posts asking which class to play. Most class forums have soloing and transmog threads, so you should check those out if you want to see what individual classes are capable of doing.

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