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    Server from treepuncher problem

    Hey all,

    Was wondering if anyone uses this website for server hosting? My friend got a server from these guys bout a week ago and few friends and I have been playing on it but today it went down suddenly and when it came back up everything we had done was gone and we were in a new seed world. My friend who bought the server said he had gone to their dashboard and hit reset server when he tried to log on and the server wouldn't let him but he said that shouldn't have actually RESET the server (like delete all the data). Now my guess is something bad happened and we've probably lost our world, but if anyone's come across this before and knows anything I could do to get the world back it'd be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all

    P.S. already have a ticket sent into tree puncher but haven't gotten a response yet.

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    Depending on the host, there may be backups. It depends if you set it up to do that or not. A good rule is to set your server to backup every 4-6 hours. I also usually do a manual download of the entire thing once a week.

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