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    I thought it was a lot of fun, but I would like a version of it that wasn't timed and dropped gear as an alternative to LFR, then I would probably be able to convince more of my guild members to run them as well.

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    As a Paladin I certainly didn't mind; my challenge mode set is great, although the cosmetic set effect is generally pretty dull/missable.

    They were not as hard as Ghostcrawler had me believe however (as hard as TBC heroics). Mass-pulling and nuking worked like a charm for all 9 of them; no CC required.
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    They're great additions to the game. They probably need more replay value though. I've got golds in every one, but I don't feel the need to go back, since I can VP cap in other ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekkommo View Post
    Cool idea, but none of my friends wanted to spend time doing them. I didn't want to do them with strangers.

    I think you need more rewards for doing them, to get more people interested. They should stay for next expansion, but they need a lot of work.

    If they do stay, it better not mean normal heroic 5 mans are piss easy again.
    Blizzard seems to want to keep the normal heroic difficulty because it's pretty much needed for random made groups for the lack of coordination, but a higher difficulty with better rewards, a bit like heroic scenarios as opposed to regular scenarios, is something I would really like to see.

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    Definitely a hit for me. It felt a bit impossible getting 2 shot as a dps really early on though. Not a fan of the invis pot usage and generic comp usage for faster times, but that's to be expected. Honestly was the only reason I resubbed for MoP. The Transmog rewards are fairly distinguishable, but some sort of power reward would be nice to get more motivated to run them.
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    I hate them simply for the fact that they scale you down to an item level where certain specs and classes are so much better than others that it's stupid. Especially as the expansion goes on further, the item level of which classes are balanced around increases, widening the gap further. I do like the idea, but I don't like the implementation (the same applies to Proving Grounds, for that matter).
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    Definitely a miss. Honestly I think that it is mostly because the rewards were not good enough to warrant the substantial effort required.

    If you look at HC scenarios, the other mop "innovation", Blizzard bribed players with extreme valor efficiency and 516ilvl gear while keeping the effort required very low. Then they go on to call HC scenarios a "big success".

    So my point is that if challenge modes were actually rewarding enough for the required effort.. people would have been more drawn to them. In the end though, features will only be as successful as blizzard bribes players to make them, unless they are actually innovative and awesome like arenas and LFR. No MoP feature was that obviously, and it doesn't look like Blizzard has it in them anymore.

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    I tried them, but didn't like them. I even have a few golds myself, but I don't know... I couldn't be arsed to do them.

    The same instances, for a title, a mount and a set that I don't like. (That's subjective, I know, but that's the point.)

    So, yeah... meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    In the end though, features will only be as successful as blizzard bribes players to make them, unless they are actually innovative and awesome like arenas and LFR. No MoP feature was that obviously, and it doesn't look like Blizzard has it in them anymore.
    Except a lot of people obviously did challenge modes and had fun with them without a "reward". Totally backwards thinking here, unless you're trolling, in which case bravo.

    It's the same as getting ZA bears - you do it for the challenge and to have fun and that's it. Actually, you did get transmog gear, which obviously did matter enough that people want it because there's a ton of gold made by selling CMs to random people. But even if there was no reward at all, like with brawler's guild, if people do it and have fun, what makes it a bad feature?

    I'd argue all that most of the new features added in MoP: pet battles, challenge modes, brawler's guild and proving grounds, are successful because they're fun to do, regardless of the rewards. The only thing I can think of that isn't fun is heroic scenarios, that's just a mindless VP grind.

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    It doesn't make it a bad feature, just not a hit or "big success" like HC scenarios.

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    Miss. They are not really popular. Plus it's only racing against time, the dungeons themselves aren't hard at all. Bring back TBC heroics!

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    I wouldn't say hit but they are deff good. Not really difficult just frustrating. IMO without the transmog sets people wouldn't give two shits about them.

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    I like them, shame there's no real incentive to go back after you complete them once though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    It doesn't make it a bad feature, just not a hit or "big success" like HC scenarios.
    What constitutes success? Apparently Blizzard feels it is participation but clearly that's wrong. Lots of players do LFR, therefore LFR is a success.
    By that logic, every player loves dailies because they do them.

    I loved doing Challenge Modes and most players who I've known who have tried them loved them as well. The rewards vary from being "worth the effort" but in general I think most players who attempt CMs like the transmog sets. I know I flipped when I saw the Shaman set and when I return to WoW I plan on doing them on my DK.

    But in general, I believe the time it took to design the rewards were worth the effort of doing CMs.
    What's great about CMs? They don't have rewards that help you through other content which means you'll have less drama in running them.
    I believe that was the biggest part of what made Heroics a pain for some players. If you're group failed you held back players for further progression. In CMs that sort of pressure is off.

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    Great addition, allthough I never tried it I dont pve currently I sure will be checking it out once 5.4 hits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sildor View Post
    I like them, shame there's no real incentive to go back after you complete them once though.
    boost runs are easy gold :>

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    I actually only tried one night and managed to get a silver, but I liked it a lot. Just couldn't keep a team together to get them all done.

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    I liked it but it didnt feel that tempting as shaman, I thought our gear was the ugliest. I did it to have done it and to boost ppl.
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    Hit for me, great addition to the game and the transmog for all classes look great. Only problem really atm is replay value after you get all gold.

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    Miss. They should make them so you have to CC mobs and play accurate, like BC heroics. Instead all they make is a aoe snoozefest with 80% of work lying on tank and 15 on healer, leaving 5% on dps pressing their aoe button as much as possible.
    Also, I'd love the system to work like buffing mobs up to group's item lvl, not nerfing group to the level of stupid itemless bums. You see, there is a great class/spec disparity at the 463 ilvl. Some specs, like ele shaman, are way to good at this ilvl, while others, like shadow priest or boomkin, are just a pile of rubbish. Its a shame that Blizz make yet another "feature", Proving grounds, again based on this failed principle of nerfing character's gear.

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