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    I think most ppl find them uninteresting because they don't offer any real rewards... not every1 is interested by the challenge or the transmog sets/mount... I think that if they offered an actual reward for them like heirlooms, or simply just relevant gear they'd be far more popular.

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    Huge hit imo. I almost wish there were a higher ranking than gold. Looking forward to doing them next expansion as well as the new rewards they'll offer.

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    Personally, I think they're a hit, even though I've only casually dabbled in them to get Silvers with my guild for the mounts. They're pretty challenging, but extremely fun, and they take a lot of coordination and communication. Doing them with friends is amazing-- my guild pretty much agreed that Challenge Mode silver+ runs take a lot more personal skill and coordination than normal mode raids.

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    They're a Hit imo, the only bad thing about them is the whole "dont bring melee dps" and the fact that you have to use Invis pots.

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    Best feature of MoP next to the brawler's guild for me. Sure titles, mounts, xmog was cool but that isn't ultimately why I did them. It was just the personal struggle in brawlers guild and the platform of a timed event with normalized gear for CMs. I think if brawlers guild had also picked up item scaling it would have been even stronger for me.

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    Big + for me. Finally something fun to do besides raiding. That rush you get when seconds away from gold

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    I had a ton of fun doing these with my friends. I vote Hit.

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    Didnt have time to try it. I like the idea of challanging 5mans but speed runs arent that fun imo.

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    I haven't done them a lot but have enjoyed them when I have. CM's are something that I imagined I would get serious about after the final tier and before the next expansion.

    Hopefully someone at Blizzard will pick up on the idea that I've been posting off and on for a month or so now and clone some or all future CM's into heroic dungeons by removing the timing element and adding a loot table at the end. Again, cloning them into something additional to do (not removing them) but leaving them like they are now in terms of difficulty, normalized gear and requiring a pre-made group and the rest. Maybe up the gold you can receive from them among other things to make them 'feel' worthwhile. It would be a tough thing to balance in terms of not making them into something that players would deem mandatory.

    But yeah, I like the idea of them and think the execution has been good and a welcome addition to the game. Maybe monthly ladder resets on the timed versions (while preserving all time records) and having weekend realm tournaments or something would be good for them as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Finick View Post
    Getting 9/9 golds was probably the most fun I've had in the game in a long time outside of raiding, so to me they were a huge hit.

    This, I've made alot of friends because of it

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    I've had trouble getting I know people interested in running these. They only care about raiding, transmog gear isn't a big motivator for them, neither are valors.

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    I'm a challenge mode virgin and I do not know anyone who does challenge modes regularly or competitively. So they were a HUGE miss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seam View Post
    People asked for a more challenging mode for heroics.

    People got it and said it was dumb :s

    So in Cata, People complained that heroics were too easy and were just for "casuals" to get free epics..

    So challenge mode heroics were made to be harder.. but noone will do them because they don't get epics.

    Really can't win.
    Personally I love the idea, but have done little myself as I seem to find it hard getting a group together in my guild that don't quit or "disconnect" after a couple of wipes when they realize they're going to have a repair bill. /sigh

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    Ive been doing carries with a guy on my server, definitely alot of fun. 160 valor per run so if you have a decent group you and 3 friends can sell a 9/9 gold carry, split it between the 4 of you, cap valor day 1 on reset and walk around with fly gear. all wins imo

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    They're fun.

    It's just sad that they're another way for baddies to make people think they're good though (Buying gold runs)

    I mean, if you don't have the necessary skill to earn them, why do you want people to think you do? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogueMatthias View Post
    Personally I love the idea, but have done little myself as I seem to find it hard getting a group together in my guild that don't quit or "disconnect" after a couple of wipes when they realize they're going to have a repair bill. /sigh
    There actually aren't any repair bills for CMs.
    I would love to have nice things in game but the game is just too hard for me to earn them in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArchon View Post
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    I haven't done them because I don't like the priest set... that's really the only reason why I would or would not do them. If I liked the rewards I'd go for it. Maybe I'll take a look at the other sets and see if one of my alts wants to do them now that I can get them geared more easily.

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    not worth the time and aggravation to find capable players. transmog and a mount. whoopeee
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    bring the right classes or dont even try. what a "hit"!

    I prefer real dungeons way more than this artificial difficulty. The only "challanging" part is how to skip/aoe everything as fast as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finick View Post
    Getting 9/9 golds was probably the most fun I've had in the game in a long time outside of raiding, so to me they were a huge hit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dribskram View Post
    I love doing them and the money from carries is nice as well.
    ^ and This

    Probably everything in the topic. Transmo set wasnt very appealing (priest female troll ;/)

    And... Running certain comp because other arent event viable are HUGE pain in the ass... Honestly i really wish i can do r1 on my spriest rather than mage (Darkmaster on mage. Fu.) Imo they should change titles tied to character you complete cm to title for 1char/account (im speaking all the time about titles from rank 1 times on servers in 5.4). So even if you complete them on your toon x, you can use it on your toon y, but only on them. Transmo gear&mount will stay same.
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    I still haven't tried getting a group for it. The gear for hunter didn't appeal to me at all and I haven't really been doing PvE on my other characters.

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