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    Never tried them and i dont think i never will.

    1. sets are ugly
    2. never cared about challenge
    3. i have no friends/guildies even if i wanted to do them, fuck randoms
    4. i find it stupid that most tacts are about cheesing (correct me if wrong)
    5. many people just buy gold runs lol
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    Hit and miss. They are not challenging, people can boost bad players for gold times. It's also incredibly hard to get into a decent group if you are not already a raider, or have friends in the game that are up for it and also decent. I had to pay for my spot, got some record times and server firsts, but getting into a group was the ultimate challenge for me being pretty much a loner in game (hate forging fake friendships online).

    Maybe if the playerbase hadn't become so ilvl and achievement obsessed this could of worked, long live the days when you got into groups because of your / your guilds reputation and not a number on your character panel.

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    had a great time getting gold.. but not so great a time finding ppl for it... the fact that there is no powerreward makes it a feature very fiew engaged in wich i think is sad..

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    I just hope if they keep the awards available to earn after MoP that the scaling system also keeps you scaled down to 90 once we can level higher.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seam View Post
    People asked for a more challenging mode for heroics.

    People got it and said it was dumb :s
    Funny, it's almost like there are several people with different opinions playing the game!

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    A very good hit, but I do agree like with many others it's too dependent on classes and the ability to skip as many packs as possible. It really ought to be a contest of DPS and so on not just spamming invis potions.

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    I love them. 9/9 and still doing them for the fun of it.

    Challenge is relative and oftentimes finding a group is the main issue. I hate the invi pot gimmick, though.

    I cannot wait for more. Best new feature ever.

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    Challenge modes have made me rich, so it's a hit in my eyes.

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    They seemed like a neat idea but A) No tangible rewards make it hard to get people to care, and B) They encourage class stacking and cheesing anything and everything to skip trash because the run is timed, and so promotes bad behavior overall.

    I think the only way they could work is if small group content became the focus of the endgame instead of raiding, and they became "Nightmare" dungeons like other MMOs have that gives gear or tokens for endgame gear, without the timed/leaderboards/gear scaling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    I think Blizzard is on to something with non-LFG Heroic scenarios. LFG should keep the same crappy blue, easy mode dungeons. And the "heroics", should be pre-made groups that were Cata launch or BC difficulty that provides epic loot. With this they can get rid of ridiculous challenge modes and scenarios.
    I agree with this. I think Blizzard might look to other MMOs that DON'T only focus on raiding as the pinnacle of content, and do something along these lines. They can keep easy LFG "heroic" dungeons as a way to gear up quickly to do other things, but then have "Nightmare" dungeons that give epic loot and/or points/tokens to get epic loot that require premade groups. I do think Scenarios are a good idea though and should be expanded on, but Heroic Scenarios were kind of useless because again, there isn't a good reason to bother. The chance for a reward is totally random, and it's usually not worth bothering with the content because it doesn't really fill a role other than some extra VP. They need to expand on the idea in general, and of course I love using them to tell some of the lore stories; the solo scenarios on Isle of Thunder were pretty good.
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    Hit, as in 5mans haven't been as challenging since TBC heroics, maybe even more so with the time pressure. Very enjoyable. However, the rewards are not motivating to me personally. I just never cared for mounts, and the transmog looks horrendous for most classes imo. The title is pretty cool tho.

    I wish they'd give you usable rewards for your tier level, but they probably won't so people won't feel left out because they can't manage it.

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    I personally didn't find them challenging enough. Brewery was more what I was expecting difficulty wise, but our group just went in a 1-2 shot everything except brewery(which was a massive brick wall for about 2 hours). It was honestly a bit of a joke when we just crammed 5 people together and got golds

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    If my transmog set had been more interesting, I would have given it a shot. Though it would mean I would have to be discipline/shadow, something that does not interest me very much.
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    I enjoy having to do the tactics on boss fights however that's probably because my guild isn't very good and I have to pug them all so it's a nice experience, it was very refreshing to wipe on a boss because we did it wrong compared to heroic 5 mans. I've wiped more in dungeons while levelling than I have in MoP heroics. I don't know if I want TBC difficulty heroics because if I'm grinding gear or something I do want to pretty much go in and out, it would just be nice to actually have to watch out for something, even wotlk had that much.
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    it's awesome, I'm glad that invis pots finally reset for the future. I love the time trial, it adds to the excitement of getting golds

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post
    They aren't nearly as popular as they had hoped.

    However now, the majority of people that do them just buy them from service providers.
    You're talking about things you have no clue about.
    First off. Blueposts have several times said they're happy with the state of challenge mode, and that it was never meant to hit big. They think it's a success as it is. Doesn't mean they won't come with better rewards in the future though.
    Please give a source that the majority get them by buying it. Not just your personal idea :P
    Most i see that have it, are either good players, that have no reason to buy it, or people from good guilds, so i asume they're good players.
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    Hit for most things, adding rewards for the top server time (requires cheesing, server poaching, class stacking) is about to make the entire thing a miss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seam View Post
    People asked for a more challenging mode for heroics.

    People got it and said it was dumb :s
    I like everything about challenge mode except they don't lock out certain abilities that are unbalanced for fair competition like in arena. Mass stealth is just 1 example of many where 1 class can give a massive advantage over other classes.

    They just released the feature and didn't give a single fuck afterwards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    They just released the feature and didn't give a single fuck afterwards.
    Which itself is fine because for the most part any comp can get gold. Having title rewards tied to "server best" times just encourages cheese strats and almost completely shuts out many classes in the game.

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    It should have been harder imo, my group completed all of them in less then 6 hours of playing. It should be less "spam" healing and more focus on small game mechanics without causing it to turn into "bring the class, not the player". It was fun, but it didnt last long. The only real challenge with CMs is going for the lowest time and getting records, imo.

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    Cool idea, but none of my friends wanted to spend time doing them. I didn't want to do them with strangers.

    I think you need more rewards for doing them, to get more people interested. They should stay for next expansion, but they need a lot of work.

    If they do stay, it better not mean normal heroic 5 mans are piss easy again.

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