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    Finding a challenge mode group...

    I would love to get challenge mode gear before 5.4 hits so I can raid in fashion but it's tough finding a group, especially as a class that's underrepresented in challenge modes. I play on an underpopulated realm and I have no luck finding groups through OQ or Openraid.us

    Is it alright to ask on MMO-Champion or is LFG frowned upon here? I would love to ask and find maybe 3 to 4 players that are in the same boat as I, but also as experienced and motivated to get these knocked out quickly.

    I play a ret paladin (530) and prot off spec (520). I understand a prot paladin is the most wanted choice here, so I have no problem tanking.

    Any tips on finding groups for challenge modes? Or should I wait for 5.4 gear?

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    I did mine with guildies and a couple of ppl from OpenRaid. You shouldn't wait on 5.4 because gear doesn't really matter, except maybe the trinket procs.

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    LFG's are frowned upon indeed here. Closing thread.

    You can however try battle.net LFG forums if nothing else yields results for you.
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