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    When the patch hits which enchants will you put on your alts?

    I started a new ele Shaman to play around with after the patch hits and I was wondering what kinds of enchants you all would put on alts since there will be no level requirement. From what I understand at least. I haven't decided mine.

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    all MoP ones cause the obsolete ones don't scale up, only down afaik.

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    Far as I've read, things like +80 stats to chest, etc will scale with level, so there's no reason to put lower level enchants on gear anymore. I think this is an amazing move, but it DOES sort of obsolete everything BUT max-level enchants.

    I wonder, are leg/shoulder armor going to get the same changes? That would be pimp, could finally enchant the BoAs. Also makes me wonder if the stats are going to scale per level, or if they're just going to scale per enchant. As in, that +80 stats to chest will start out as +4, then at some certain level, change to whatever the next level +stats to chest enchant is? I really hope it scales per level, so you'd even up having oddball numbers like +11 or something to stats lol.
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    I use Windsong on my three DPS alts on another server. :P

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    None since I have no more alts that can use heirlooms

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