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    warlock or hunter for 5.4

    i have 90 warlock and hunter which is better for raid in 5.4


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    warlock seems to be pretty good for 5.4, lots of hunters i know are QQing and/or rerolling.
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    Hunters are quite fked in PvE, unless you have skill to back it up.

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    Warlock > hunter 10man

    Warlock >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hunter 25man
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    Just the utility that a lock brings with gateways (evetho they are getting nerfed to once a minute) and health stones is pretty awesome. Being able to replace almost any buff with a hunter is awesome too but in 25 man's that isn't really needed since there should be no missing buffs at all.

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    Warlock will be vastly superior and probably more fun to play as well. Warlocks are the Swiss army knife of ranged DPS raiding.

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    warlocks, as usual are dominated in terms of pve dps this xpac. I can't really think of a time where they haven't been near the top in terms of pve dps.

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    Even assuming the hunter buffs to signature shots in light of Readiness's removal will bring them in line with the other dps this tier, Warlock provides much greater utility. If you enjoy both classes equally, and are equally skilled at both, I would go with the warlock.

    Otherwise, for anything other than bleeding edge progression or a very hardcore-minded guild pushing H content within the first few weeks of release, just go with whatever you enjoy most or are best at.

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