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    I find it interesting that so many people are upset about the idea of player housing due to the fact that it would likely be instanced... moreover, they state that as if it's self-explanatory why that makes it bad.

    -Scenarios are instanced (including the single person scenarios, few though they are)
    -dungeons are instanced
    -Raids are instanced
    -All forms of PvP that people actually care about are instanced (world PvP is essentially dead most places, and most of what's left is just ganking, which only counts as PvP in the most barest technical sense)
    -Your farm is instanced

    If being instanced is a problem for player housing, why is it not a problem for anything else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by corebit View Post
    Bad comparison, with mounts you use to travel around the world to do other stuff = useful to gameplay. With housing you just make it sit there and look pretty = doesn't add gameplay.
    A single flying mount is functional. Any more than that is purely for aesthetics or other purposes.

    @Rucati: Mount collections and other things people do for completion are typically invisible until shown off, why is it problematic in the case of Player Housing but not in other cases? You're also assuming that the only point of decorating is to show off your decorations to other people, rather than for personal enjoyment (not everyone has such poor self-esteem).

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    I got enough of the facebook feel from the tillers. Player houses would be retarded.

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    Am I the only one who thinks EverQuest 2 did player housing the best?

    Oops, I said it...

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    Personally, it just doesn't feel like it would contribute much to the game. WoW doesn't feel like it has much to gain from devoting time and resources to player housing.

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    If Blizz doesn't do player housing people call them lazy. If Blizz does do player housing everyone will complain that it wasn't spent on endgame content.

    The cycle is really boring.

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    BLizzard does not want an instanced version of player housing - they consider it a poor investment of developer's time.

    Honestly i agree with them, if there is to be any player housing (or guild housing) then it should be done so it is not instanced - territory and land should actually matter at max lvl.

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    Don't need to ... NEXT

    Go play medieval Sims instead.

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    The thing is, what they'll wind up doing if they ever do anything will be what as has been done before, and it sucks:

    An old MMORPG called Asheron's Call implemented player housing. Houses were in little communities all over the continent. If you found one you liked, you could bring it some quest stuff and it would give you a deed. Then you had to pay X gold per month to keep the house.

    It sucked. Paying over and over for something sucked. We don't want RL in a video game.

    They should implement housing using CRZ tech and phasing, let us decorate it inside out and outside, and be done with it. Make it easy to get, make it fun. Don't make it expensive or a pain in the ass.

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    Yeah, because removing more players from the world is totally a good idea. Thanks, but no, thanks.
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    If you want to play architect go play the sims. There are alot better things for blizzard to put there time into.
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    I am going to sound like a complete tool... but... Player Housing seems rather lame. To me, many of the aspects of what Player Housing would bring, are already in the game. People mention trophy rooms... Achievements have that covered. Showing off armor or gear collected through the years... Transmog lets that happen (I mean, if you like it enough to show in your house, you probably like it enough to show on your character). Bringing people over to show off your stuff... just sounds like a way to visually flex one's epeen (similar to ilvl or gearscore). The only place I could see this being useful (in any way shape or form) is on an RP server. Of course, if it shows up there... then everyone else has to have one >.>. I would much rather have content designed to get me out into the world instead of content designed to let me design a house and put stuff in it.

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    we have a house........... it's called Sunsong ranch we own it (or you can once you get to that stage)

    Enjoy your house grow your crops, be fruitful and multiply

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    player housing is waste of time for developers , i rather they update areas like arathi , gilneas .....

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    I'd only want player housing if you could physically own land in the game. Considering the game isn't designed around this and to retrofit it would be way too time intensive.. I say no.

    Yes they could make it instanced, but what would be the point of it. Everybody would occupy the same territory and it would be unique to you. Nobody else would see it unless you invited them to a party perhaps.

    Unless they reworked the game from the ground up we aren't getting any good player housing. Furthermore it already exists in game, your tiller farm and 'home' is essentially what player housing would be limited to in this game. I think it's fairly cool and getting new stuff was cool for all of 5 seconds, but that's about it. Waste of time in my opinion.

    Not saying player housing couldn't be cool, but what they could do with it currently would be really lame and a waste of time.

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    I don't think housing is system-in-need of Wow. But if properly done, it would be cool...

    And probably non-instanced player housing system is dev's-dream-project-thingy?

    If housing is not instanced and should be build on real world, that limits number of people who can own it.
    I've done some of game with this and it wasn't good...
    (that becomes exclusive contents! Which wowdevs hate!)

    Also the area cluttered with houses(and with all the objects) will cause huge lag...

    Quote Originally Posted by Humbugged View Post
    Am I the only one who thinks EverQuest 2 did player housing the best?

    Oops, I said it...
    I'm with you.

    But, let's face it. Things like armor display mannequin and 'every housing objets that can placeable everywhere' was pretty cool.
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    Would love to see this in wow, and what blizzard is capable of it would probably be pretty amazing

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    I'd much rather have another boss or two; or another cinematic, or really anything else besides player housing. I find it to be a dumb feature request. The amount of time they put into building player housing, they could put that time into finish the new race models.

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    I have always wanted housing in WoW. I like to decorate things, I like to have my own little place in a game and I role play so a house would be perfect for a character of mine rather than finding an empty building somewhere in Azeroth, only to find it already occupied or someone comes bombing in to claim it is theirs and theirs alone.

    I like the Wildstar approach on housing and I hope Blizzard will learn something from them; more bonus exp depending on the amount of furniture, crafting stations, raid portals, buffs, etc. Housing would compensate for leaving the main cities. Housing isn't a bad idea and people complain they are stuck in Orgrimmar or Stormwind anyway. What is the difference in standing like a zombie in a main city or do so in your own place? If you need an AH, you can easily hop around and it also gets you to move rather than sit on a mail box and do nothing but wait for something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rucati View Post
    Except I can sit in Org on an awesome mount and have people look at it.

    Far different than sitting in my house alone waiting and hoping that someone I know shows up at the door. Which, come to think of it, sounds an awful lot like real life. Which people usually play WoW to avoid.
    So you tie everything in this game to a question of whether you think you can make someone think you're cool over it?

    I thought it was shallow to just not want other people to have something they might like, but for this reason? Yeesh.
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    Kaleredar is right...
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    I thought the guild halls in Guild Wars 1 was excellent. Something along that line would be ok.

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