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    All servers down, all clients crashed

    What the hell?

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    Sama here, all servers down : / (EU btw)

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    Red servers of death eh?
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    I made the mistake of going to check another server. Dammit. Same here, instant disconnect.

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    Yup, this sucks. Nothing but red.

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    Same here oceanic servers are down
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    I have it to and according to a google search, this has happened when they let a new patch out and it hasn't downloaded it. Just wait it out.

    Edit: Sorry not patch but a small download, your WoW launcher should install a new update soon and then it should work.

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    Deleting WTF and cache does nothing.

    Please report your problem to THIS thread.

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    Just got home and wanted to log on to finish leveling my Monk, damnit. I hope this wont take long.

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    Thanks Obama!

    Infracted [ML]
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    Ah damn we got fucked!
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    Log on... do some of the daily crafts rq. Log out to update addons (took about 2m) and I get back to all servers down! Wow talking about timing. But at least it's not me! (Though how updating an addon would cause the servers to all be listed as down I have NO clue...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schaden View Post
    Deleting WTF and cache does nothing.

    Please report your problem to THIS thread.
    I was in game, and so was my friend, and our clients crashed waiting for Huolon. I mean, insta crashed, no errors. We didn't leave the game.

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    Same issue here. Red Servers left and right. Tich - US

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    Tf is going on?

    Just tried to log on again, after about 7 hours of being gone.. How long has it been like this?
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    By some miracle, some how, fucking STORMRAGE stayed up.

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    Probably a hotfix patch going out

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    terrible... I am getting all shaky...

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    I'm online right now and so are a lot of people....not sure what's going on for you guys.

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