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    Button Bloat - Death Knight Edition

    What Death Knight abilities do you guys think we could live without?

    Personally, Control Undead should've never been added to the game. Why it was added post-Wrath I'll never understand.
    Blood Strike could go away as well, it really doesn't serve a purpose anymore.

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    Control Undead can stay. It's not an ability you need to have keybound and it has no in-combat uses.
    Soul Reaper isn't really a valuable addition and we could do without, although I could see it stay for Unholy.
    Unholy Frenzy isn't really a great cooldown and Unholy already has Gargoyle anyway.
    I would like to see more being done with Empower Rune Weapon, but otherwise it could go.
    Chains of Ice and Icy Touch could be combine in the same spell.
    Auto transformation of the ghoul when reaching 5 stacks of SI could eliminate another button.
    Give Unholy a new AoE spell that costs an Unholy rune, removing Blood Boil and Death and Decay. Perhaps with Rolling Blood integrated into it so we could remove pestilence as well.

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    Death knights have button bloat what game are you playing o_O compared to other classes DKs have nothing. All they have to do is combine icy touch and howling blast and they are fine.
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    As others have linked, we already have a thread about button bloat here. Please post there!


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