View Poll Results: What army of Evil would you like to see make a comback?

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  • The Scourge

    12 25.00%
  • The Legion

    16 33.33%
  • The Naga

    5 10.42%
  • The Old Gods

    6 12.50%
  • The Qiraji

    7 14.58%
  • Other (Please explain)

    2 4.17%
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    Whose Army of evil would you you like to see make a Comeback?

    Who in the Warcraft Universe truly deserves a comeback? The Scouge, The Legion, The Naga, the Qiraji or the Old Gods? Vote now and justify your answers!!

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    The Scouge obviously.

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    Fluffy Kitten Darsithis's Avatar
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    The Scourge isn't gone. Just controlled.


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    Do you mean just out of those options? If so the Legion has and always will be my favorite villains. I love that demon shizz. And I want more Mal'Ganis badly.

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    Old God/Azshara, combined if possible (and it is).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    The Scourge isn't gone. Just controlled.

    Could you do me a solid and fix my title for me? I meant to say "Which Army of evil would you you like to see make a Comeback?"

    Edit: even better Rock on

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    Legion, it's been longer since BC than WotLK.

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    Elemental Lord Golden Yak's Avatar
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    If the qiraji come back, I want to see them rise alongside the nerubians and mantid, backed by the aqir. Bug people can replace the trolls as 'frequently re-occurring enemy race' in future expansions.

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    The Naga, just cause I can never get enough of water or naga.

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    hm... technically, Old God/Legion will be here again, as Old God's stories still have a lot to unfold, same for the legion.

    That leaves us with the scourge/qiraji/naga.
    Scourge is controlled, they aren't gone, and Blizzard may still use Bolvar and his scourge later on... I guess we already dealt with the Qiraji and there's no chance of them coming back but hey, it's WoW after all, who knows.

    Personally, the legion/scourge are my favourites, I'd like to see them ''back'' soon.

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    infinite dragonflight.

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    Scarab Lord Arkenaw's Avatar
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    I'd personally like some new stuff for a change, Pandaria was refreshing, but if it ABSOLUTELY had to be a comeback, then the Qiraji. They are really interesting to me.

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    Legion or Qiraji for me.

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    The swarm.... oh wait, wrong game, I vote for the Legion

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    Over 9000! Wildberry's Avatar
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    The Scourge, simply because the Legion is coming back.

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    Fluffy Kitten LocNess's Avatar
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    Scourge was always the most fun for me. I like killing undead things.

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