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    Consequences of the Siege of Orgrimmar

    Welcome to my thread.

    As we all know The Tyrant Hellscream is going down next week. The Alliance, rebels and heroes saved the day. What consequences are going to be after this huge event? Is there going to be a peace between the Alliance and the Horde? Is this how the war will end? Or maybe something will happen eventually and make the situation more complicated? Will Forsaken become the new threat to Azeroth? Sylvanas doesn't care about the other races. Will the Alliance and the rebel Horde combine their powers again to fight the Undead? What do you think? Please don't bring the Burning Legion and the Azhara to the topic. Let's have a political talk.

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    Patch 5.5 in December will answer those questions.

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    The Forsaken will not be the next big threat to Azeroth. They will continue to be mustache twirling madmen lead by a booberific fanboi wet dream that doesn't really do anything other than add flavour to the new areas were go into. The only reason the Forsaken were so aggressive in Cata was because the Horde in general was aggressive. They aren't any worse than the Orcs, as of MoP they are considerably better, in Twinspire they were the voice of reason; it was the Orcs that wanted to enslave the kids and summon an army of demons to defend the Keep from the Alliance, the Forsaken protested but were ultimately overruled. The consequences are the Horde is brought under heel and its aggression against the Alliance fully curb(stomped).

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    The Forsaken will not be a threat next expansion. They will simply be your Overlords. Bend the knee now or your capital will become Southshore 2.0.

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    My guess is we'll see whether the next expansion will be a coalition or the Horde going after the Alliance (or vice-versa) come patch 5.5, which is supposed to set up the lore for the factions going forth into the next expac.

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    My guess is that we'll revert to the uneasy peace of Vanilla and TBC with tensions still flaring up in Lordaeron between the Humans/Worgen and the Forsaken. At some point, yeah I can see Sylvanas going down, but not for a couple xpacs yet.
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