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    Do you MAIN your level 90 Rogue?

    Do you play your lvl 90 rogue as main or as twink? If you only have a low level rogue twink I would kindly ask you not to vote.

    I ask this because I have a theory that most max level rogues play the class as main. I constantly see people complaining about rogues being OP or something along those lines (yeah yeah and many see how underpowered rogue was for so long in Mists). Those complaining people often roll rogue to join the OPness but then realize just how difficult it is to play a rogue well. Yes you can blow up a low geared player, but every class can do that.

    As rogue, even to just be somewhat useful, just to do decent damage you have to study the class. You have to work harder for things that you can achieve with other classes by just jumping into pvp and give it a little try. With rogue you will fall flat on your nose this way.
    Yes to really master a class you have to put in a lot of effort with almost any class, but the point is, like written above, as a rogue you need to study it from the start.

    I tried EVERY other class because after so many years I wanted to see if there is a class that I enjoy more. You have success quicker with every other class.

    In the end this is also why so many people give up on rogue quickly even in patches when they ARE op. This might be one of the reasons why rogue is the least played class. You have to commit to be a rogue to get even small results.

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    I have mained it for a bit when I pvped, not anymore.

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    Not anymore. Got realm first, tried to like rogues. Tried hard. I've given up on them ever being fun since I started playing alts more and more in cataclysm and realized every class felt a thousand times more fun and polished.
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    Aye, It has remained my main ever since I leveled on in mid-end BC!

    It has had times being less fun, but I like the overall mechanics and gameplay of a rogue so yea, but I've started to have alts since then. Yet I will always focus on gearing my rogue before any other! Same with playing PvP and simply having fun in game, I do that on my rogue since with stealth a lot of things are possible that no other class (except for feral] can.
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    Rogue was my main from Classic till middle of T14 content. Rerolled monk because it's more fun and I can do tank and healer too if I want, with quite similar mechanics (energy and some sort of combo points).

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    did for a short period of time during mists. been 20+ days since I even logged on to the rogue now.
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    My best friend, before quitting, only played a rogue (for about 300 days played in 4 years, too). He never liked alts, only leveled a warr to 85 in Cata due to FOTM PVP but didnt play on it at all after he hit max lvl. So this could support your theory.
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    Levelled to 90 (because engineer and shall build the Skyclaw) - now sitting gathering dust. So, really an alt.

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    Mained my rogue since vanilla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViridianCC View Post
    Not anymore. Got realm first, tried to like rogues. Tried hard. I've given up on them ever being fun since I started playing alts more and more in cataclysm and realized every class felt a thousand times more fun and polished.
    Haven't gotten my rogue to 56 because of these reasons. Playing my gf's lvl 90 rogue feels exactly like what you've just typed.

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    Nope,was my very first alt back in tbc,deleted in wotlk,got it back now,priest as main,so rogue again as an alt but i realy enjoy playing it so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Haven't gotten my rogue to 56 because of these reasons. Playing my gf's lvl 90 rogue feels exactly like what you've just typed.
    I can totally see that and this is part of my theory. With every other lvl 90 class, even if you never played it before, you can have (almost) instant fun... you see results immediately. With rogue you need to study the class first, you need to know how to get results for it to be fun. Though then it's a LOT of fun. could be better, no doubt... I hope for a little revamp so it gets a little of the GW2 thief stealth gameplay, but it is still one of the most fun classes after you really got into it.

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    Mained my rogue after I leveled my hunter to 90 and realized Hunter is definitly not the class I want to play.

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    All the other classes I've tried all seemed more fun, quicker. All felt like they needed less gear etc. to be succesful. Yet I love the fact that I can feel I really know how to play rogue, that I can come against other rogues and leave theh fight victorious and without loosing one one health point. It's clear when you see rogues play if they've read up on their spells etc., to see the huge difference there is if stuff is used right!

    I remember people whining about us being underpowered in the start of MoP, yet I didn't feel it that much. Of course my damage wasn't what it used to nor was suvivability, I still managed to take more or less any class head-on. Secondly, I feel like most people shouldn't whine as much when their class is underpowered, it makes one aware of more of the smart things a class can do to gain advantage in fights and when they class gets buffed again, you'll be even better! I don't mind about underpowered, I like a challenge and the learning experience that comes with it.
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    yup, been with my rogue since mid-vanilla. i don't think i ever found the class not fun or underpowered, even when people bitch about how sucky we are. granted i haven't done any serious pvp since season 3 and my last serious raid was sartharion 3d, late 2008. i mostly just fuck around casually these days.

    anyway, yeah, rogue is defo my main.

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    mained it since i started playing back at the start of wotlk.
    and still like it

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    Rogue is my main since I've started playing this game (mid Cata). I have number of alts but rogue is class that I like the most

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    Played rogue from vanilla to Throne of thunder. Had a short break in wrath where i played dk in naxx and back to rogue again in ulduar.

    I quit in ToT because i just couldnt stand the developer neglect. Its the exact same class as it was in vanilla. Same boring rotation with boring mechanincs. They need a makeover and fast

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    play my rogue since vanilla, will play till the end of wow !!!

    So rogue till die xD

    P.S. Having hunter lvl 85 only bcs loving to tame rare spirit beasts (nothing else)

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    Mained the rogue since beta, because you can't simply walk into Mordor, you have to sneak. Ask the Fellowship. Rogues may have several distinct drawbacks but they give you a unique gameplay no other class can imitate. And i like it.
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