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    what class to level.. need suggestions

    So, I returned to the game, and want to level a undead character with the following aspects:

    1.) Good solo'ing capabilities of old dungeons/instances
    2.) Good daily grinding capabilities
    3.) Enough options to join a raiding guild if wanted (so no unwanted class )
    4.) Either Hunter, Rogue or Priest

    Why this topic? Because I only have the time atm to level 1 char, and like all 3 equally

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    Could I suggest creating a Monk if you haven't already? It is a fun class to play; agile, has a lot of utilities/perks and powerful. This applies to most if not all three Monk specializations. Not to mention it would satisfy almost all points of your requirements

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    Out of those 3?

    Hunter definitely. Or rogue, if you're gonna bitch n' complain about the hunter "nerfs" (which aren't even really nerfs) to come in 5.4.

    Priests bring heals. That's about it.

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    I'm sorry but these threads aren't allowed. No one can pick the class for you.

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