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    Quote Originally Posted by noskillz View Post
    Well not really badass, but I honestly like the guy. You know, that rebel teen who doesn't really want to be a prince, and YOLOes into dangerous things without thinking.
    He doesn't "YOLO" everywhere, nor does he do anything without thinking, and I'd appreciate if you didn't use such IQ-sapping profanity in a public forum. ]:C
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Jaina is quite badass. Too bad she went full retard with this Dalaran thing. But she will calm down when Garrosh is dead and return to her badassness.

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    If the alliance want a civil war and get help from the horde to lay siege to stormwind and kill Wrynn, instead of the whole garrosh story, that's fine by me. Little attention is better than the story of how your faction ripped itself apart and was at the mercy of your enemies.
    Mother pus bucket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    He doesn't "YOLO" everywhere, nor does he do anything without thinking, and I'd appreciate if you didn't use such IQ-sapping profanity in a public forum. ]:C
    Yes he does, the guy got the swag.
    Do you rember the Lion's Landing chain? Facing Garrosh that way was pretty crazy.
    'Monogamy'? Is that one of the ways people in Boringland bore each other?

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    Never sure why other Alliance moan so much when we have John J. Keeshan!

    If only they used him more at high level/end game, there'd be no more arguments about this ever

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    I reckon the alliance needs a vice president of the alliance, second in command to varian who is just a total smug smart smarmy sassy son of a bitch!
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    Budd Needs to be made into the ultimate bad ass.
    The Horde would never see it coming
    Nuclear weapons: A firm public commitment to build the £100bn renewal of the Trident weapons system, followed by an equally firm private commitment not to build it. They’re secret submarines, no one will ever know. It’s a win win.

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    You have anduin!


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    Quote Originally Posted by noskillz View Post
    Yes he does, the guy got the swag.
    Do you rember the Lion's Landing chain? Facing Garrosh that way was pretty crazy.
    Please stop using those words, the walls are starting to bleed and chant.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docterfreeze View Post
    You have anduin!

    Garrosh dies at the end.
    'Monogamy'? Is that one of the ways people in Boringland bore each other?

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    I'll tell you what the Alliance demands (another time):

    • The Kingdom of Kul Tiras with his powerful naval fleet commanded by his Lord Admiral Tandred Proudmoore. Tandred as the naive and inexperienced leader of the powerful naval armies of the Alliance; the first gay hero of Warcraft; the apparition of the Invincible Armada of the Alliance at last.

    • The kingdom of Stromgarde with the return of Danath Trollbane to stop the Forsaken advance. Danath as the new King of Stromgarde, the warrior side of the humanity, the (red) fist of the Alliance, the heirs of the empire of Arathor, the cradle of humanity.

    • All the exiled high elves reunited and led by Alleria Windrunner being an important part of the Alliance (and the High Elves as a playable race). Alleria will be the role model for all high elves in exile, joining and fighting side by side with the Alliance; she will have a strained relationship with her two sisters, that will be aggravated when one of them murder the other; willful, tough and insightful, without a doubt one of the heroines of the Alliance less conventional.

    • Turalyon's return and the restoration of the Order of the Silver Hand headed by him. Making the paladins the representative class of the Alliance and Turalyon their champion. Turalyon has to revive the sir Lothar spirit, he is his heir after all; Turalyon as the true leader iconic of the Alliance (Varian becoming just the leader of Stormwind and Anduin pupil of Turalyon).

    • The apparition of Queen Calia and her Scarlet Dawn to fight for reclaim Lordaeron. Queen Calia as a warrior woman obsessed with repair the damage caused by her brother and with returning Lordaeron to its former glory and thus honor her lineage; she must keep alive the hope of recovering Lordaeron for the Alliance (as a platonic dream); she will have a loving relationship with Varian Wrynn culminating in marriage and in the union of the dynastic rights of Lordaeron and Stormwind; She will be the Sylvanas antagonist.

    • Greater involvement of the Kirin Tor and Dalaran in the affairs of the Alliance as a human kingdom not as a grouping of High Elves (downplay the importance and leadership of the Silver Covenant). Khadgar has to become a real hero, like Gandalf, a charismatic, mysterious, wise and powerful mage at the service of the Alliance (maybe leader of the Kirin Tor).

    • The victories or advances of the Alliance that have occurred in the lore or novels or whatever, have to be reflected in the game for that the players of the Alliance can appreciate them (making the Night Elves recover completely Ashenvale ingame, landing the Alliance-only Dalaran over the Theramore ruins, etc.).

    • More personality and self-sufficiency for all the non-human races, unlinking them somewhat from the Stormwind humans (Varian) making them less human dependent and giving them a greater role and prominence. Stop focusing on Humans 90% of the time; We need more lore for all races, not just for the humans of Stormwind, with an emphasis on the forgotten races (gnomes, draenei, etc).

    • The Night Elves have to get their racial pride, neutralizing the influence of the Alliance, we want the wild and feral night elves of Warcraft 3!; Maiev has to become the Garrosh of the Alliance (in the "good" sense, as a radical advocate of the night elves and their autonomy regarding the Alliance; creating conflict with the Highborne and serving as an excuse for the Kal'dorei to distancing themselves from the rest of the Alliance (especially human and worgen); Jarod becoming her antagonist).

    • Reclaiming the Kingdom of Gilneas for their legitimate owners, which are not mascots of the night elves. Greymane City as a new fully capital city for the Alliance and the Gilneas Peninsula as the worgen starting area. Genn as the fierce and irascible leader of the Worgen, the wild and bloodthirsty side of the Alliance; the birth of his grandson (the posthumous son of Liam Greymane and Lorna Crowley) will lead to a more united kingdom, stubborn in the destruction of the Horde.

    • Reconstruction of the district destroyed by Deathwing in Stormwind. Alleria should get personally that King Varian allows the construction of a Quel'dorei district in Stormwind serving as "capital" for the High Elves as they are the only force of the Alliance that has no home (remember that the Silver Covenant is only a small association of the high elves natives of Dalaran, they are an insignificant part of the rest of exiled high elves of Quel'Thalas).

    • Making gnomes having finally have a decent capital: conquer Gnomeregan or re-found it elsewhere (a flyer technological robo-city for example).

    • Create some conflicts with the Dark Iron dwarves. They have been a treacherous and dark race and an enemy of the other dwarf clans for generations, thus they can not be trusted of day to the next. Moira has to become the Sylvanas of the Alliance (creating dissension among the dwarf clans; without clear intentions; creating a shadow of doubt; heroine or villain?; may be in league with the Horde?).

    • ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koreche View Post
    Horde favoritism because they get shattered and alliance get to become stronger. Obvious bias because the alliance doesn't kill every single horde and erase all their 90s forcing them to be alliance.

    (if it was SoSW) Horde favoritism because horde get to come in alliance land and kill the king.

    Horde badasses
    Thrall - neutral
    Saurfang - crying
    Baine - unknown (as in nobody knows about him because hes done nothing but wish he was his father)
    Lorthemar - Counts (1)
    Sylvannis - no current objective and is going crazy
    Garrosh - evil, going to die
    Galywix (lol) - MIA
    nazgrim - dying
    cairne - Dead by garrosh/grimtotems poison
    vol'jin - Counts (2)
    You missed Rehgar Earthfury and Rexxar.
    I have high hopes for Rexxar in the next xpac.

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    Anduin is a total badass in training. He uncovered Major Samuelson's plot and saved Varian. He trains with Velen in the ways of the light. He convinced the Celestials to open the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. (Which would have been a good thing if Garrosh wasn't such living scum) He destroyed the Divine Bell and stood up to Garrosh. And, of course, he is prophesied to lead the Army of the Light. Once he gets his armor and sword made of light, he's gonna be one of the games truest baddasses.

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    Needs more dorfs.

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    No. Stop asking for this. This is why we got stuck with High Asshole Varian Cynn. There are badass alliance characters already anyway.

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    Tyrande can fill the role fine if she didn't have male chauvinists writing her character during major developmental scenes. Shandris is always badass.

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    Bring Bolvar back as the "New Alliance" Lich King.

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    The badass term is quite relative though

    Varian is pretty awesome
    Muradin is awesome too
    Vindicator Maraad
    Fandral Staghelm
    Maiev Shadowsong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larynx View Post
    It really says something about the quality of content that Alliance players are still feeling ignored because of disaster that was Cataclysm. MoP is definitely Horde-centric, but not nearly as much as Cata was.


    Patch 5.0: Good leveling content for both sides
    Patch 5.1: It was mostly focused on Garrosh, but it was in such a way that the Alliance still felt they mattered. Good for both sides.
    Patch 5.2: I don't know about the Blood Elf story here, but I'm glad to see two underappreciated factions appearing. Good for both sides.
    Patch 5.3: Obviously Horde focused in every way possible other than a single scenario
    Patch 5.4: Horde focused with an incredibly unrealistic decision by the Alliance. "But you siege an enemy capital! How much more fist pumping do you want?" to actually conquer it. If you take the capital of an enemy faction, why would you give it back? The Darkspear Rebellion is still Horde, and they are in no position to make any demands. But nope, Varian is just like "we took out Garrosh for you, cya".

    Something along the lines of withdrawing from pre-Cata Alliance territories (and giving up some of their present territories), demilitarizing, paying for Alliance war damage, putting in a puppet Warchief, something to that effect would have been much more realistic in an actual real world situation.

    I wish Anduin played a bigger role in MoP, or at least will play a bigger role next xpac. They've been building him up for a while now, and he's actually a pretty good character. I suppose his age at the moment is the biggest issue, he's probably only like 16 so it would seem strange for someone that inexperienced to become the next Thrall or Tirion.
    Unrealistic decision hmm? Im pretty sure America was at war with japan, and it could have basically destroyed all of japan and taken it over... But did it kill every Japanese citizen that didn't swear allegiance to America's flag? Nope...

    I forgot did the world that all attacked Germany together completely destroy the country's government and let some other nearby countries take its land because they had proved to be "evil" to basically the rest of the world. or did they take out the guys in command, and then let them go about their ways.

    Why doesn't America just nuke every country that is small and doesn't have a chance to fight back. Is it because its inhumane? maybe also because if America lost all of its allies and a greater power attacked (in wows case the legion) while America (the alliance) had nobody else to help it fight it would just fall?

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    There should be a badass Gnome hero. Because the race is ridiculed as a whole (which I won't say is unjustified), there should at least be one Gnome that is an exception.

    That's my two cents on the matter.

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