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    Question about Character Logging Screen

    my question is that my game still shows the old background on my toons if im making a new one i can see the new background but once the toon is made it goes back to the old one is there a way to change this please let me know thanks.

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    What exactly do you mean? When you click on "Create a new character" you get a new background yes, but it's supposed to go back to the old ones when you're at the actual character selection screen. Some of the races got new backgrounds for the character selection/login screen in cata I think, but most are about the same. You can't change the backgrounds at the char selection screen in WoW.

    Almost related: I still want the option to choose which expansion background I want at the login screen, the Dark Portal(s) screens are just too awesome to never be used again.
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    No, it showsthe faction specific backgrounds (Stormwind for alliance, the Pandaren one, and Orgrimmar for Horde) until you create the character. After that, it will revert to the race-specific screen. I don't know of any way to change that.

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    well it weird cause if i log in my wifes account all her toons are in the new org background but mine has the old ones i guess ill have to open a ticket to verify this will let you guys know what they say

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