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    Elemental Shaman - PVP : Tips

    Evening Chaps,

    Tips really. I'm a pretty competent WoW player, so skill isn't really a problem of mine. My shaman is in blue crafted PVP gear, so it's pretty shite, capping 4k for next week to get the next tier, but I'm playing elemental in PVP and I just get battered at the moment. Everything locks me down and I don't really have a chance to do much at all.

    I've always played enhancement (Not really top level pvp'd as it in years though) but thought elemental was worth a shot. I'm close to throwing in the towel and just playing a different character, but wanted to show the shaman some love.

    Are there any tips and tricks people can shed light on, just so I don't suck donkey balls quite so much. It's disheartening when I play most of the other classes so solidly.

    Armoury is http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Jektarr/simple

    - glyphs/talents/gear - constructive criticism is welcome.


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    Sir, you are literally 40 item levels behind everyone else. I don't think it's time to decide to throw in the towel quite yet... Other than that... your spec and glyphs are fine, and you've provided no information about specific concerns so I don't think anyone can offer much guided information. Get gear.

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    Like the above poster said, we need specifics, apart from your low ilvl, how are you dying, are you getting killed by rogues? stomped by melee? Unless you tell us your situation we're stabbing in the dark.

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