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    Northrend Nostalgia

    I just got really nostalgic about Howling Fjord and decided to go back there. The music is seriously one of the best tracks in the game (I.M.O).
    Anyways I couldn't hold myself and threw together a video.
    Sit back, relax and enjoy.
    http://youtu.be/zUE3u-2bAms (I can't embed videos yet.)

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    When WotLK came out, I was in a hurry to reach max lvl, I breezed through Boring Tundra because.... I wanted to reach max lvl as fast as possible, and because it seemed faster to me.

    I really regret not doing Howling Fjord (and taking my time to read the quests and appreciate the landscape). That's why I intend to level more alts and go through Howling Fjord... even though it obviously won't be as nice as it'd have been back then....


    I'm never going to ''speed level'' again.

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    Please post videos in this thread:


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