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    Feral PvP Viability next patch (Casual PvP standpoint)?

    So I recently picked up my cute little kitty from the bottom of my character list just to see how fun he would be. I'm having a great time leveling and gibbing everything basically in my path. The survivability is great and the fact that I can do good damage and at least bring some utility to the group is pretty awesome compared to my other toons like my rogue (so booooooring in PvE). Both my rogue and kitty could be ready to break out the new crafted gear right off the bat and start PvPing, but I'm pretty stumped as to what to actually roll. I do like my rogue but I don't want to be have to be forced to roll sub like you had to pretty much all of cataclysm cause I DETEST the spec. So ideally this thread is asking between Assassination rogue vs Feral. In terms of viability for casual arenas and maybe semi-hardcore rated BGs, which class is more viable and more likely to get picked/actually do something in PvP?

    I know everyone's pretty much saying "LOL feral gl getting picked without insta-clone" but is it really that much of a game changer for us to have that one less ability compared to a rogue? Should I stick with it and play feral?
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    it was always valaible and will stay,
    but for very high ranking I think not anymore, due to Cyclone cc nerf

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    Casual arenas play whatever you want, but since you mention rbg's being less casual; ferals have no place there, none, rogues at least bring smokebomb.

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    Not really sure why you would bother with RBGs anymore since everyone is boosted to 2400+ the titles and rating means nothing now. In fact if I see someone with High Warlord I automatically assume they were boosted.

    As for feral viability in arena it's still going to be good. We will be forced to play with priests a lot more so they cyclone instead of us. Although I've played against some Assassination rogues on the PTR and the damage they put out is immense. Although feral damage is even higher.

    Verdict: Assassination and Feral both good. Rogues got damage buffs ferals got cc nerfs.

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