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    [A] House Harkonnen - Frostmourne - 25 man guild recruiting!

    Welcome to the Alliance Guild House Harkonnen Recruitment thread based on Oceanic Server Frostmourne.

    First and foremost we are a 25 man Alliance raiding guild looking to expand our core and work towards heroics in 5.4. Our raiding days are Wed/Thurs/Sun from 8pm till 12 Server Time. (GMT +10)

    We use a 50 slot Mumble server and our Loot distribution is done via EPGP. We also have a website, which is currently being developed and should be up soon.

    A bit of background:

    The guild was formed about 3 months ago and as a 25 man guild we first ran through MSV, HoF, ToeS, having a bit of fun and gearing ourselves up while running ToT LFR's. Once we were ready we then moved into ToT. We finished off 12/12 but as we started raiding late in the patch we didn't have time to move into heroics.


    As soon as 5.4 is released our plan is to take advantage of LFR's, flexi and normal raids to gear up as fast as possible in order to progress through SoO as quickly as we can, with heroics being the goal.

    High Priority Classes/Spec:

    Holy/Prot Pallies
    Shamans - all specs
    WW/BM Monk

    If you are a class/spec that is not listed above, still apply as we are interested in highly competent players that can commit to our raiding times/goals.

    To apply:

    The easiest way to apply is to talk to me or the GM directly in game. Real ID: "Koli#1729" or "Jeternal#1224".

    You can also reply to this thread,

    Thank you for taking the time to read our recruitment thread, hope to see lots of you apply to HH and GL with 5.4!!
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