I have a few people that I would probably want to group with for some good ole fashion mob farming and exploring on the Timeless Isle come 5.4. I have a bit of experience with it on the PTR, but I never really grouped with anyone since I don't know anyone who also plays on the PTR, and I didn't think of trying to test out these specific cases with people I didn't know. Anyways, obviously loot is divided up as normally (including the 496 gear tokesn), but what about the timeless coins? If those were split as well it might lead to having extra people in your group bogging you down, much like what happened with Diablo 3 up until the recent co-op patch. Not to mention the whole "I killed this guy over here, but you killed that guy all the way over there, but the loot for my guy goes to you and your guy goes to me so we have to swap corpses to get our loot" that can be kinda annoying when it happens 40 times. And free for all loot, how would you divvy up the coins equally?

Also, I wanted to ask about the chests. Obviously in my experience on the PTR, when I looted a chest, it disappeared. But do the chests simply only appear to those who haven't looted them yet? If I am running with a friend can we both loot the same chest or is he gonna have to wait until it respawns again?

Any other notes about how small-group friendly the isle will be are appreciated as well. Obviously it will help protect you from gankers (including the new 3rd faction gankers).