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    How much will Mists of Pandaria cost when the next expansion comes out?

    Basically, I wanted to know if $20 is the lowest we'll ever see it by then. I haven't played since mid-Cata, so I just bought the expansion for $20 thinking it included the game time (I completely forgot that it doesn't). So now that my account is still frozen (but an MoP account), I activated a 7 free day trial just to try out the game. I also put in a ticket asking to refund the upgrade to MoP in case I don't enjoy it. However, I'm thinking about cancelling that ticket because I'll need MoP for the next expansion, but I wanted to know by it's release if we'll see MoP lower than $20.

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    Dude the only thing we could say is how much Cata is going for right now and then use that information an apply it to MoP.

    There is no information on that matter. It is like you're asking us to put up a crystal ball and see the future. The other silly thing is: why post this question on mmo-champion? Though Blues sometimes browse this forum, your question would have a higher chance getting answered on a battlenet forum don't you think? And if they do not have the answer to your question they could atleast say that thats the case.

    I would ask you to think before posting next time.

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    They'll probably include Cata in the Battle Chest and sell MoP for the same price as they sell Cata now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziktus View Post
    They'll probably include Cata in the Battle Chest and sell MoP for the same price as they sell Cata now.
    That's just the thing: The OP isn't asking for a GUESS (which you say with "probably"). We cannot answer his question. Guessing in terms of price is dumb.

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    Well there is a promotion these days in mine country gameshops
    The full deck of game (all expansions) will cost you only 30EU

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    Right now you can level through MoP in less than a week without trying. They will likely speed that up again. How much is an xpack worth when you out level the content in like 3 days or whatever it will take?

    If they are going to make old content meaningless and trivial by speeding everything up so much, they really should rethink their pricing IMHO. Have an "upgrade" edition for anyone who bought MoP and a slightly more expensive "new" edition that includes everything.

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