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    Lol no, its just mathematic theory, which doesn't even near describe how rng works.
    You can farm the bosses you need with 11 chars every week, but it is still 2% chance for you to drop the mount. By increasing the number of characters involved you add rolls per week, but they don't increase every 2% chance you have per roll. It is still 2% per roll.
    lol you are clueless as to what RND means when applied to drop rates. The rate per toon might be 2% but the combined chance of you getting it if you run the instance on multiple toons is not 2%. TBH it should be obvious if its 2% to get it on 1 alt then if you do the instance on 2 alts then there is a higher chance.

    But its not additive so no its not 2% + 2%. Cos if that was the case then running it on 50 alts and its a guaranteed drop. But that is incorrect logic. The number we use is the chance of not getting the mount which here is 98%. So run it once 98% chance of NOT getting it, run it twice there is a 0.98 * 0.98 = 96.04 chance of NOT getting the mount

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    using this example, with enough characters I could guarantee that I would get the mount in a single week of rolls. That just does not happen.

    It doesnt matter how many characters you have, a 2% chance to drop is still a 2% chance chance to drop, regardless of how many chars you use. it does not increase each characters rolls are different from each other. Otherwise people would have all the mounts, loot they wanted rather quickly.
    all your doing by using additional characters is giving yourself another shot of of hitting the 2% chance.
    And another who doesn't understand basic probability. No matter how many times you do the instance in 1 week, your overall chance of getting the mount never quite reaches 100%.

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    I've never seen the Sha mount, never seen the Nalak mount, and I've felt that the "personal loot system" is way undertuned since the beginning of the expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    So yes: if you'd had 4600 characters, you could get to the point that you'd have a 99% chance (CHANCE, no guarantee) of getting that mount within one week.
    you'd need to be bloody good at multi boxing, cos 4600 sha kills* takes about 16 day's of playing time

    * 5 mins per kill, no sleeping etc

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