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    Tidyplates help

    I've started tanking again and ive been having trouble setting up tidyplates to the way i like it. i want to have it to have the plates change color when theyre on another tank.

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    Wouldn't Tidyplates - Threat Plates do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mesima View Post
    Wouldn't Tidyplates - Threat Plates do that?
    Yeah pretty sure you need this plugin for that.

    Alternatively you could use KUI Nameplates, which has less options but pretty much runs out of the box.

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    I am not aware of colouring or indicators indicating anything other than how much aggro you have on the target.
    I have used those mentioned at some point, and Threat Plates while more substantial was still only designed to show how safely (or not) something was being tanked.

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