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    Blizzard are just doing what the community cried for (as usual.) "We need more epic raids like Ulduar!" They delivered and were so pleased with Throne (for good reason because it's fucking awesome) they are keeping huge sprawling raids as their focus. Which I'm more than happy with as I was one of them guys who screamed less then 10 bosses is not enough.

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    AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAARGHG BLALBUAUUU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulletnips View Post
    They delivered and were so pleased with Throne (for good reason because it's fucking awesome)
    Overrated except for H: Lei Shen and Ra-Den. I was annoyed by all the Ulduar comparisons.

    That being said, big raids = good.

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    14 bosses is okay considering that we will have to deal with this raid tier for a time.

    Despite of that, I would also prefer a raid with different wings like ICC was, one would be more flexible doing the farm stuff on the days with a weaker line-up and the progress raiding when the best people or combinations are available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Blade View Post
    not trying to be rude or anything but if you're struggling to clear them on 5 nights a week of effort the wall is your guild's ability and nothing more. Flex raiding is targeted for your guild so you can complete it, get meaningful gear that isn't dreadful LFR experience and even get glory of the orgrimmar raider. Having 14 bosses isn't too many though.

    Did you just tell someone who is progressing on heroic lei shen that "FLEX RAIDING IS TARGETED FOR YOUR GUILD"?


    Yea, flex is for those guilds "only" at 11/13 heroic. Jesus the Christ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstg View Post
    I cant imagine how a mediocre guild can progress in SoO when there's 15 bosses. My guild is raiding 5 nights a week and we dont have Heroic Lei Shen down yet.
    My guild certianly was berely able to down LK in ICC in one reset. This was due to time, not skills. If you are talking about in one reset, then yes. But with extended raid lock, no, it should not be a problem.

    If a guild does not want to extend their lockout, that is their choice. If they want to progress, then they should extending their lockout on a regular basis at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    Okay, and? Why did you reply to me saying that? All I did was correct what the OP said.
    I wasn't really replying to you, I was quoting you. Your post was shorter than the OP and contained the correct relevant data.

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