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    5.4 LFR Tactics done quick

    I am trying to build some short (3-6 line) boss tactics suitable to be used in mods like Boss Notes or Boss Tactics, similar to wow insider's in 5 seconds series.The intent is to not to replace the need for players to look up the fights, but rather give enough info to avoid repeated wipes, but succinct and simple and short enough to be brief in chat for those players who do not. To that end my ToT strats were limited to stuff needed to finish the boss, rather then a full breakdown of the fight.

    Here is what I have got so far (by reading only - so any suggestions/feedback is welcomed as they could be well wrong):

    Vale of Eternal Sorrows

    Spread out in groups, healers per group. Tank facing away from everyone else - tank swap on blasts, stay apart.
    Phase 1: dps boss. Move to avoid Sha Bolts. Avoid Swirl.
    Phase 2: dps Sha Puddles (use stuns and roots), heal Contaminated Puddles. Stand near puddles when they pop to get buffed. Lust on pull.

    The Fallen Protectors
    DPS order: Rook to 66% - Adds - He to 66% - Adds - Sun to 66%. Same for 33%, kill all together.
    Tank Rook facing away from raid. Tank He away from raid, turn away from gouge.
    Dispel shadow word: bane asap. Kite Sha Sear beam out of raid. Stack on Inferno Strike, spread out otherwise. Lust on pull.

    Tank swap on Self Doubt 2 stacks.
    Kill Adds when up to kill the boss, Avoid Blind Hatred - it is a death beam. Pick up pools of Corruption if your corruption is low.
    Cleansing - Tanks: Survive the fight, Healers: kill the Greater Corruption & heal NPCs DPS: kill little adds then big adds. Lust at 25%

    Sha of Pride
    Kill Adds when up, tank swap on Wounded Pride (OT tanks adds).
    Healers dispel Mark of Arrogance at 2 stacks, when you have Gift of the Titans
    Stack together if you have Gift of the Titans. Spread out for Pride attacks. Stand on yellow arcs to free people from prison. Lust at 30%

    Gates of Retribution

    Phase 1: kill add waves while capturing towers.
    Kill order: Totems > Demolishers > Bone Crushers > other adds.
    Phase 2: use towers to shoot dragon. Tank swap on the DoT. Melee stack behind boss. Ranged and Heals stack behind melee in a line.
    Lust Phase 2.

    Iron Juggernaut
    Phase Assault: Tank swap on Flame Vents. Tanks face boss away from raid. Raid spread out behind boss. OT stomp on mines.
    Phase Siege: Tanks DPS. Kite Laser cutter, but avoid Tar zones. Try not to get knocked back too far.
    Lust on pull.

    Kor'kron Dark Shaman
    Tank bosses together where possible. Kite them around the area. Tank switch on Froststorm Strike.
    DPS order: Darkfang and Bloodclaw > Foul Slimes > Bosses. Lust on 25%.

    General Nazgrim
    Tank swap on Sundering Blow.
    DPS order: Totems & Banners > Adds > Boss.
    Interrupt Warshaman's Chain heals.
    No DPS on Boss during defensive stance (or he gets rage). Burn boss in berserker stance if possible. Lust on pull.

    The Underhold
    Phase 1: Pre-heal players, spread out and avoid AOE. Tank swap on Fatal Strike. Stand in Imploding Energy to soak it.
    Phase 2: Stack in front of boss. Heal hard, run if you get Displaced Energy.
    Lust on pull.

    Spoils of Pandaria
    Raid split into two even groups, open crates to spawn Adds. open Big crates with little crates. Kill Adds until switch can be thrown.
    Throw all 4 switches before time runs out.
    Lust on pull.

    Thok the Bloodthirsty
    Phase 1: DPS from sides, Tanks swap at 2-3 Fearsome Roars (OT must stand on the side till taunt time)
    Phase 2: Kite Thok around the room if focused, kill add to free prisoners.
    Lust on pull.

    thanks Poysonivy

    Siegecrafter Blackfuse
    Tankswap on Electrostatic Charge between Boss and Automated Shredders, keeping adds away from Boss.
    DPS go onto the conveyer to kill an add when they spawn.
    Kill Add on Conveyer > Crawler mines > Boss.
    Lust on pull.

    Paragons of the Klaxxi

    wow, need to think more about this one!

    Lust on pull.

    Garrosh Hellscream
    Phase 1: One tank on Garrosh, one on Adds. Kill Adds > Boss, interrupt adds. Ranged kill Siege Engineers.
    Transition: Kill adds, then stack just behind Garrosh and burn him.
    Phase 2: Tankswap on Gripping Dispair. Ranged stack and stay together. Kill adds away from each other. Burn and interrupt MC'd players.
    DPS MC'd players > adds > Garrosh.
    Repeat transition as needed.
    Phase 3: same as 2, but harder. Burn Garrrosh.
    Lust on Phase 3.
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    Good job, hope to see ya update it often.

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    On Immersius - should be 'Tank facing away from everyone else' I think. You don't want the inactive tank to stand on top of the active tank and take unnecessary damage. Also, stun or root sha puddles.

    On protectors - I think people should be spread out when they're not stacking for Inferno Blast? Or is that not active in LFR?

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    Excellent to have a post like this . Might idd be usefull for spamming before the encounter.

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    We might want to be a bit more specific on the sequence for Protectors so that you don't have two of them hit 66% at the same time at the outset.

    Maybe "Take Rook to 66%, burn adds. Take He to 66%, burn adds. Take Sun to 66%, stack in the middle, range burn far adds, melee burn close adds. Follow that sequence to 33%."

    Again, I haven't done LFR so I don't know which mechanics are unnecessary, but I do know that we probably want to be specific or people will all be focusing down different bosses. I'm not sure whether it'll be better to transition Rook or He first.

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    Fallen protectors - info about desperate measures and killing bosses at the same time. Was a nightmare on PTR LFR
    Galakras - towers don't control themselves need an assault team
    Nazgrim - probably need info on stances (especially defensive)

    While this may be good for LFR I don't think it's going to cover flex where flex is basically normal with a ~25% nerf.

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    Awesome post! Looking forward to the updates !!!

    Also, for stuff that only applies to FLEX, you may want to put (FLEX) in brackets either before or after the bullets ... and we'll just assume the unmarked bullets apply to both

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    Thanks for the feedback, I have modified as best I can. I haven't done raiding on the ptr either so I don't have a good idea yet what is serious and what is manageable. I am still trying to find a short, concise way to explain the protectors...

    Good points on this likely not being so useful for flex, we'll do what we can.
    I have data on malkorok from icy veins, but I haven't yet found a good breakdown of the remaining bosses to work off yet. At least I have some time before all the wings open.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Shtanky View Post
    Also, for stuff that only applies to FLEX, you may want to put (FLEX) in brackets either before or after the bullets ... and we'll just assume the unmarked bullets apply to both
    If it turns out that this is useful for flex, this will be a great idea!
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    Thanks for this

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    I honestly think it is a mistake to combine Flex with LFR. Flex has all of the mechanisms as normal, and a lot of stuff will kill you quick. On LFR, a lot of mechanisms are either completely removed, or made so weak that they can be ignored. LFR does not have any mechanisms where a griefer can wipe the group... which eliminates a lot of stuff for DPS to worry about.

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    Yeah, that seems to be the consensus, Azrile. I reckon I'll leave flex off this for now (might revisit the idea when people are pugging it more successfully in a month or two). Thanks for the feedback, sadly I don't get to edit the thread title

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    Bookmarked this for convenience sake as I'm planning to run multiple "PUGs" when this patch hits. As suggested getting an extra marker for FLEX only stuff or having only FLEX stuff in here would be most excellent.

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    Should we put something in Norushen about 'make sure at least 1 healer gets Purified first'?

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    Norushen LFR sends random people down to their trial in the last PTR build.

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    Icy veins has finished their guides so now I have something to work off. I'll try to add the rest today or tomorrow.

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    Norushen flex you need to have someone block the channeling adds, or the boss just starts hurting us too much. And you really should have someone with less than 75% corruption soak the purple puddles.

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    Heya, I am still here and still plan to flesh out the rest of this post with the remaining bosses. I got to do some flex on the weekend and I definitely agree with the assessment that you can't have 'quick' strats for it. too many mechanics are punishing, unlike LFR.

    Do I report my initial post to get a mod to remove 'flex' from my thread title?

    - - - Updated - - -

    turns out that 'advanced' lets me do that

    - - - Updated - - -

    I won't be able to test these strats out in LFR till after work so if you use any - please tell me how it worked out and what you think should change.

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    On Immerseus, best to tank swap after each blast, and don't stack as it's a cone attack.
    On Norushen, tank swap every two stacks, takes 60 secs to drop.
    On Sha of Pride, Wounded Pride doesn't exist in LFR, either solo tank or OT tanks adds.

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    There was an addon I used in Cata with this kind of short information. I could target a boss and then type something like /bt or /tacts and it would print out the tacts in raid/party/say/self. I cannot find this anymore. Would be perfect to write kind of info in that addon.

    Edit: But yeah Boss Notes would work too now ive looked up that addon.
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    the tanks don't stack on immerseus because of corruption blast debuff it increases the dmg done by corruption blast by 200% and will one shot the tank if it is not taunted off

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