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    Scarab Lord Teebone's Avatar
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    May 2013
    "Sunny" Florida
    Mount: Turbo-charged flying machine
    weapon: Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle
    pet: Pet Bombling
    Random Item: Hard-packed snowball (pre-nerf alterac valley version)

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    Mount: Swift Spectral Tiger
    Pet: Giraffe Calf He is too stinkin cute
    Weapon: Blade of Wizardly great for fire mage transmog
    Item: Fishing Chair

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    Mount:, Runed Blade of the Black Flight

    Weapon: Horseman's Reins

    Pet: Pandaren Monk

    Random: Noggenfogger

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    Sep 2011
    Backyard. Digging for oil.
    Mount: My Ashen Pandaren Pheonix

    Weapon: It's a toss up between Mounting Vengeance and Black Bruise

    Pet: Sen'jin Fetish, cause it can be any 3 masks, which is neat.

    Random Item: The Challenge Mode Shaman shoulders. They are cannons, on my shoulders... SO AWESOME. Windfury Spirit Guides
    Troll's Life Mon.

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    May 2010
    Mount: Baron's Deathcharger.

    Weapon: Fangs of the Father.

    Pet: Toothy.

    Random item: The orb that turns you into a Blood Elf. (Can't remember the name)
    Be strong, Clarence! Be strong for mother!

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    Brooklyn, New York
    Mount: Amani Dragon Hawk/Armored Bloodwing, both too cool!

    Weapon: Golden Bow of Quel'thalas

    Pet: Prince Melchezar's Abyssal i forget its name

    Random Item: Haunted War Drums

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mibzo View Post
    Mount: Baron's Deathcharger.

    Weapon: Fangs of the Father.

    Pet: Toothy.

    Random item: The orb that turns you into a Blood Elf. (Can't remember the name)
    Orb of the Sin'dorei.

    Mount: Swift Horde Wolf

    Weapon: It keeps changing.... maybe Val'anyr.

    Pet: Crawling Claw

    Random item: Orb of the Sin'dorei (lol).

    Sig by Pangcakes

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    Houston, TX
    Mount : Ashes of Alar (flying) or Swift White Hawkstrider (ground)
    Pet : Unborn Val'kyr (though a VERY close second is Netherwhelp)
    Weapon : Aurastone Hammer (1-handed) and Benediction (staff)
    Random Item : Orb of the Sin'dorei (Muradin's Favor being a close second)
    Bacon is the thing pigs give you when you're good.

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    Mar 2011
    Manila, Philippines
    Mount: Onyxian Drake
    Pet: Filthling
    Weapon: Runestaff of Nordrassil
    Random Item: Falling Flame (though it's honestly a bit lame that it has limited charges)
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    Mount: Armored Skyscreamer
    Pet: Grunty
    Weapon: Val'Anyr
    Random item: Flippable Table

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    Mount: White war talbuk
    Pet: Sha of Happiness (from pride)
    weapon: Lohn'goron, bow of the Torn-Heart
    Random item: tough one, tie between Scotty's coin & Mark of the Dragon lord

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Apr 2013
    North Carolina, USA
    mount- Midnight, Attunmans War Horse from Karazhan

    Weapon- Staff of Immaculate Recovery

    Pet- Grunty, 2009 Blizzcon pet

    And One random item of your choice- Pocket Lint

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    Mount: Sunreaver Dragonhawk
    Pet: Grunty ( The Murloc Marine! )
    Weapon: Jin'ya, Orb of the Waterseeker
    Item: Sylvanas' Music Box

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    Tyreals Charger
    Hail Storm
    Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen
    Ruby Droplet

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    Man you guys sure choose some stupid stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solidsteel View Post
    Man you guys sure choose some stupid stuff.
    It's called preference, not "join the bandwagon" choices. It is rather apparent, although maybe not for everybody, that tastes vary.

    Anyway, my choices:

    Mount - [Amani War Bear]
    Pet - [Moonkin Hatchling]
    Weapon - [Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King]
    Random - [Ai-Li's Skymirror]
    Maraldus, Hand of A'dal

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