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    What do you miss most, that you hated at the time?

    The mechanics and requirements of character progression has changed a lot over the expansions. So what do you sort of miss now, that you hated at the time?

    For me it is weapon leveling. Althought I hated it at the time, it brought a sense of reality to a character to have them train in different weapons in order to be able to use them, not to mention grinding out 300 points in unarmed skill by slap fighting a buttload of pirates.

    So what do you sort of miss now that isn't in the game anymore, that was a huge PITA at the time?

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    The huge, flashy warning graphic that came with Retalliation.
    Because back in the day it wasnt visible, and it could kill unwary rogues in PVP with the push of a button.
    Now, Retalliation is gone altogether. And I has a sads.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Running out of mana?

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    Attunement. I actually never liked when they removed it and started to give buffs or nerf content that was out for awhile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reckoner04 View Post
    Running out of mana?
    I'm a bad disc priest, I run out of mana 60 seconds into every fight. Fiend, hope, and AT all popped.

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    The unpolished feel of the game and the raw burst damage without any dots. At the time I really disliked how everything could kill everything with no problem (talking about every ability doing mass damage like ambush doing 4-5ks and eviscerates doing mad damage). Nowadays everything feels so "soft" as in, nothing is special? Idk how to explain this.

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    Using lower level spells. I was never really good at balancing all the different levels of spells back then. Now that I'm much more experienced, I think it would add a great amount of flexibility.

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    Slow leveling. You actually had to take your time, know where quest hubs were at in different locations etc. Often, you had to travel to more than one zone for even half a level and know where those one off quests might be. Sucked at the time but now you get to level 90 without ever experiencing the low level zones.

    Incremental gearing. Basically you had to get full blues in dungeons before you hit raids. Then you gear up in that raid before you hit the next one. There wasn't doing the next raid until you got geared in the previous. It sucked as you were stuck in old content. But the good thing about it was people knew the dungeons, alts were always going though, and you felt like you were achieving progression.

    ItachiZaku mentioned attunement, I'd agree with that as well.

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    The actual looking for members when doing hc's etc. You always ended up talking alot with the grp while waiting for a 4th and 5th. Was nice

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    The land before queues. It felt so annoying at the time, but it felt so much more social, and the pace of the game was a lot more relaxed. I miss having to reach out and meet people on your server.

    Even though it could take forever, and felt like a massive PITA at the time.

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    *dons flame proof cloak*

    I have a guilty pleasure, it was the old green dragons. I wish we could still kill them. Also flying mounts while freaking awesome and i'd no doubt whine if they were removed do make me feel the game world is not as big. Pandoras box is open so they are never going away.

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    I am Murloc!
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    physically having to go to the dungeon, teleport is so boring.

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    A better expansion.
    Finding a group on your server and forging friendships. LFG is just 5 assholes who hate everyone else from the start of the dungeon.

    Hard quests.

    Group quests.

    Leveling taking more than 1 day to get max level.

    I really enjoyed the BC/WOTLK model of classes being a little bit simple, now every class has 100 abilities and cooldowns for every situation.

    1 Difficulty.

    10man being its own lockout.
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    Slow leveling. Indeed it was a pain but atleast it felt adventurous and progressive. Now leveling is just a rush. I don't even know how they still haven't started giving free 90s. I've seen so many level 90s that have no idea what they are doing. So the arguement that you need to learn your class is bullshit. Back in the days.... you would hate leveling so slowly but damn it felt awesome when you leveled up. Back then leveling was one of the game's aspects. Not just PvP, RP and PvE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    Finding a group on your server and forging friendships..
    Did you dislike forging friendships before?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vankrys View Post
    physically having to go to the dungeon, teleport is so boring.
    you still can do that.

    i miss hardcore raiding i'd say. when i was in one of the top guilds on my server raiding black temple/sunwell every day i really hated it sometimes, as it was a lot of work and felt like a big commitment, but at the same time i enjoyed it.

    but although i do miss the challenge of hardcore raiding id never get back into it now

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    Elite three-player quest target at the end of long quest chains

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celesteh View Post
    Did you dislike forging friendships before?
    lol - seems like most of the responses in this post are like that. Apparently everyone misses the things they hated.

    Playerbase "We hate XXXXX"
    Blizz removes XXXXX
    Playerbase "We miss XXXXX"

    heh heh

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    Nothing, it's well known here (or at least it should be at this point) that I'm not nostalgic, and I can't imagine myself ever missing something that I've hated. I feel just about every change blizzard has done has been a good one in the long run, at least in regards to this topic. (I do miss have group, will travel for convenience, but I never hated that)

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    Shaman totem questline.. god I hated doing that.

    But I still miss every bit of agony it put me through

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    Having to use a ground mount everywhere.
    “In truth it was I who was betrayed. Still I am hunted. Still I am hated”
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